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Come on Google, make a pixel cereal box giveaway for real

Creamy, crunchy, sweet child cereal and milk were my nectar and ambrosia when I grew up. I would have eaten the stuff day and night – even if not occasionally toys had been waiting inside. In those days, I got my chocolate sugar bombs and a chance at a delightful new toy? These were the best.

Unfortunately, Google's marketing team has not fully grasped this nostalgia in a new Pixel 4 giveaway, as the image above (and accompanying video) is a terrible, horrible lie.

Can you imagine breaking a box of cereal and wondering if a free $ 800 smartphone is in it? That a blast of alkali-processed cocoa and crumbled corn could be accompanied by a flagship of Google phones falling into your bowl?

But no. The reality is that 2,000 people who have already pre-ordered the phone in the UK and filed their money, simply got a fancy, subdivided box with a bonus bag of cereal . It's a nice touch, but it feels quite random. What does the pixel have to do with breakfast? And if Google offers something "FREE INSIDE" as the sticker shows, it might want to pick something other than the Google Photos uploads?

But suppose Google did it right and made it a complete surprise. Your phone has IP68 protection from Google! It should be able to cope with shredded corn dust and a dash of milk. Yes, maybe it would be too heavy for a box of cereal and would give it away – but I would have definitely sent some boxes to get a phone with built-in radar . Surely I would have hit a propeller cap, if you knew what I mean.

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