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Comment: iOS 13 will be the most important release for iPad so far

Stephen Hackett and David Sparks viewed the iPad as a laptop replacement on a recent episode of Mac Power users. I felt that it was one of the most refreshing discussions of the iPad and iOS that I had heard for some time. They looked at things about the iPad that they enjoy and things that do not. The show made me think about the history of iOS on the iPad and where everything stagnated. For me, the iPad stagnated as a device around the time of the iPhone 6 Plus debut. The reality is that the iPhone has performed better tasks in dealing with iPad tasks than the iPad compared to a MacOS notebook. Since then, the iOS on the iPad has not changed significantly, except when multitasking works. If you want to hear a good discussion about the good and bad parts of the iPad lifestyle, I would listen to this episode. When I think about the future of the iPad, I came to the conclusion that iOS 1

3 on the iPad will be the most important release so far.

Setting the Pro on iOS

The challenge for Apple with iOS 13 The iPad keeps it simple, but also improves the handling of complex tasks that macOS can best handle. If I were product manager in the iPad group, I would constantly argue that the iPad can do everything a Mac can do. Yes, they are different devices, but users should be able to get one and do the same things. It's really time for the iPad to get the same Pro upgrade with the software the hardware has received in recent years. Tasks such as file management need to be easier. Mobile Safari needs to be removed, and a desktop class browser must be added, and I'd like to claim that the iPad needs support for trackpad / pointers.

Apple has completed the iPad 13 Crossroads

where it resembles a laptop lineup. There are options for an iPad from just $ 329 to over $ 1,000 for a maximum iPad Pro (without accessories). Since Apple has developed faster and faster iPads, the use of the software is still limited. I think iOS 13 is a crossroads for the iPad. If WWDC 2019 will only provide incremental updates for iOS on the iPad, I'll wonder if anyone is sleeping in the control panel of the product team. The iPad is not a new device concept, and if Apple thinks that this is the future of the computer, the software must be adapted to the current hardware.


Mac is the Mac and iPad is the iPad, and I agree with that. However, I do not believe that selling tablets and traditional laptops will work forever. Companies build devices that do both. While I do not think the category of hybrid devices is great right now, someone will find out. Just as the iPhone combines our iPods and mobile phones in a single device (and cannibalized iPod sales), the iPad Pro should one day cannibalize a MacBook Air and a 9.7-inch iPad. If Apple does not figure out how to keep iOS 13 accessible to newbies while expanding what the iPad can do (at the expense of the Mac), other companies will have the option.

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