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Compile heart announces Brave Neptunia subtitle

Compile Heart has released a new video on their YouTube channel that confirms the subtitle of Brave Neptunia previously announced as a working title when it was unveiled last month at the Dengeki event in Japan has been. His full title is now to be known as Brave Neptunia: O World, O Universe, see !! The explanation of the ultimate RPG !!

This video featured Mr. Norihisa Kochiwa, president of Compile Heart and executive producer of the company's flagship Neptunia . Brave Neptunia is the first game in the series developed by a company outside of Japan; more specifically Artisan Studios, based in Quebec, Canada. Mr. Kochiwa noted in the video that Compile Heart held numerous meetings with Artisan Studios, and now the development of the game is in its final stages.

Brave Neptunia: O World, O Universe, See !! The declaration of Ultimate RPG !! is published in Dengeki PlayStation Magazine, which will be officially released on April 26th. Although the release date and platforms are not yet known, the Dengeki PlayStation representation should be taken for granted [BraveNeptunia comes at least to PlayStation 4 [Source: Compile Heart]

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