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Complete your Pokémon Snap Sequel fantasies with GO Snapshot


If there is something we have tormented in recent years ("we" means "at least one of us"), this is a direct continuation of Pokémon Snap . The 3DS seemed to be a perfect opportunity with its camera functionality, but nothing and the Wii U's gamepad seemed even better, as it could be reconciled with the TV, but no. We would say that it would be just as good on Switch, or even as a mobile game, but it just does not happen, right?

Well, Niantic offers the next better with its world. dominant Pokémon GO . A new feature called GO Snapshot is on its way to the game, offering players a much more robust photo system that uses the game's AR + feature. The easy way to take pictures of your Pokémon is the new option when you look at a Pokémon or access the camera in your pocket.

An update from Niantic's official blog sheds a spotlight on the details feature will work:

"It's easy to use. Select a Pokémon and tap the screen to bring its Poké Ball to that location Once your Pokémon is in the ideal place, you can move it around to find the best angle for your photo: is your Pokémon distracted or is it looking the wrong way? and it will look you in the face.

Take as many photos as you like during your session When you're done, all the photos are automatically saved to your device, and it's easier than ever before Share your favorite photo on social media ̵

1; just select the social channel you want to share with and show your masterpiece Taps to your friends in no time. "[19659007] It sounds like it's a nice touch for fans of the game, and it could be a great way to get creative by finding clever ways to show off your collection.

Are you using the function? Do you also want a Pokémon Snap feature? Please tell us that we are not alone in the comments.

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