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Compromise & # 39; To Kill a Mockingbird & # 39; offered small theaters

LOS ANGELES (AP) – The dozens of community and non-profit theaters in the US forced to give up "To Kill a Mockingbird" productions under threat of legal action became an olive branch in the Broadway version Form offered by Aaron Sorkin's screenplay.

Scott Rudin, producer of the New York film adaptation of Harper Lee's novel, had demanded an agreement with Lee's estate when he demanded that what he termed improperly licensed productions be discontinued. After a setback in recent days, Rudin said the theater companies could perform the Sorkin game as long as they use his adaptation.

The bid is intended to "improve the pain caused here," said Rudin in a statement that The Theodore presented on Saturday Associated Press. "For these theaters, this version can be offered in accordance with our agreement with Harper Lee. We hope you will take the opportunity. "

Perhaps, perhaps not, said the artistic director of one of the theaters involved.

" We are interested in the offer and fascinated, "said Seth Miller of the Salt Lake City Grand Theater, but Miller has not yet got any questions replied, which would have to be answered first, including the duration of the bid, said Miller on Saturday.

At this point, it was too late to stage it during the three scheduled plays -week run, which was due to begin on March 26th Miller said he has not yet seen the Sorkin version and needs to evaluate the script before making a decision.

"I've heard good things about the show I've heard people who did not like the changes," Miller said. "I'm not going to commit to doing something that I did not read."

Rudin, an Oscar-winning film producer ("No Country for Old Men"), claimed to have Lee The exclusive worldwide rights to the title of the novel and the current version of Rudin are the only version that may be executed. Lee died in 201

6 at the age of 89 years.

Rudin's demand forced adaptation to small venues such as the Mugford Street Players in Marblehead, Massachusetts, and the Kavinoky Theater in Buffalo, New York, as well as Salt Lake City and a planned tour of Britain and Ireland. They had licensed the rights to another version licensed by Christopher Sergel and Dramatic Publishing Company or DPC.

The voluntary Curtain Call Theater in Braintree, Massachusetts, said it received a letter claiming damages of up to 50 percent, which cost $ 150,000, an incriminating sum for a venue for tickets for plays 20 and 25 US -Dollar for musicals cost.

The estimated loss of the Grand Theater is $ 20,000, "a considerable sum for a community theater," Miller said. Options are considered to complete the "Mockingbird" run.

Rudin had recently defended his original position: "We would like to ask anyone to stop producing a piece somewhere, but the productions in question are licensed by DPC to violate the rights that Harper Lee licensed directly to us," he said. The Sergel game may continue to be contractually enforced, as detailed in its own agreement with Harper Lee – and as long as these guidelines are met, we have no problem with the game's longevity. "[19659002] This triggered an online revolt called by calling #BoycottRudinplays Chris Peterson, founder of the OnStage blog, asked ticket buyers to avoid all current and upcoming Rudin productions on Broadway, including "Hillary and Clinton," "Gary : A sequel to Titus Andronicus, King Lear, The Ferryman, and The Book of Mormon.

"Wen If a theater deliberately steals creative licenses, that would be one thing, "Peterson wrote online. "This is something completely different. That's wrong. He added: "The ban on others playing this piece contradicts first and foremost what the novel is about.

The Broadway adaptation of Sorkin, creator of The West Wing television station and Academy Award winner The scriptwriter of "The Social Network" plays Jeff Daniels as Atticus Finch, the Alabama lawyer, who prefers a black man A spokesman for the American Association of Community Theater said last week the organization would not incriminate the dispute.


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