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Computer Monitoring Software vs Time Tracking: What Are the Differences?

In this day and age business owners understand they need to measure and improve everything in order to gain competitive advantage on the market. Therefore, they are using various software to analyze almost everything within their company. Starting from their websites, social media accounts, employee and customer satisfaction, performance, attendance, etc.

The need for software which can provide owners with such information is ever growing, and it seems that the market will keep growing with it as well. Currently, there are two types of software that really stand out, but they sort of overlap, and there’s a lot of confusion about which one does what, and which one do you need.

We’re talking about computer monitoring software and time tracking software. So, let’s see what are the differences, and which tool do you actually need.

What is Time Tracking Software?

The main purpose of a time tracking software is to track time spent on tasks and projects. This is the central feature of the software, but it usually comes with a few extras.

This is how it works: You install the software on everyone’s computer, log into your dashboard and create projects and tasks for all employees. After that, your employees sign into the agents on their computers, and click the start button on the appropriate task as they’re working on it.

Time management for Windows (or macOS) collects the time employees spent working on different tasks and projects, and creates project timesheets you can use to bill your clients. Some software options will let you send invoices directly from it, but this is a more advanced feature and you shouldn’t expect to see it always, especially not in a free online time clock for employees.

Such software is also very beneficial if you’re paying your workers by the hour, since it collects their activities, and gives you attendance timesheets. In some cases, you’ll be able to enter hourly rate (as well as overtime rate) for every employee, so their paychecks will be automatically calculated.

What is Computer Monitoring Software?

A computer monitoring software is the ultimate productivity and security tool for companies. It can work in the background of your employees’ computers, without interfering with their work, and track which apps and websites they’re using, and for how long.

In most cases, you’ll be able to label apps and websites like productive, unproductive and neutral, so you can track employees’ productivity every day. Any time you notice discrepancies, you can talk to your team and see what went wrong.

Additionally, some software options have security features like email and USB scanning. These are great for companies who are worried about rogue employees who might steal your data. Even if you’re not worried about it, you should still be on the lookout when it comes to data security within your business.

You can use this software as a way of attendance tracker, because it can be set up to track computer activities as soon as the computer starts up, so you’ll always know how long your employees did really work.

In Conclusion

Many tools in this area are a combination of time tracking and employee monitoring, so you shouldn’t be surprised that you’re reading a top 1

0 time tracking software list which includes tools that have monitoring features. These two industries are closely related, and most manufacturers understand that clients want both tools so they’ve merged them into one.