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Conan avenges Kumail Nanjiani's short-term rejection by eliminating Nanjiani's competition

Andy Richter, Conan O'Brien
Screenshot: Conan

Conan O'Brien gave a small overview of his new at the beginning of his Thursday show only Conan format and pointing out that, should the unthinkable happen and that a guest, say, half an hour before the show calls to cancel: "You're really crazy." in fact, Kumail Nanjiani was caught (or so he says) when he was working overtime in Silicon Valley at Marina Del Rey. Conan appealed to his audience (which was like Conan in Burbank) after the sidekick, announcer and partner Andy Richter had announced the promised performance of Stuber star at the head of the show damned damn. So, what can a 25-year-old late-night veteran do when his only guest makes a no-show just before he's absolutely contracted to make a show that night? Well, if you're Conan, you're a vampire. They educate a shaggy guy named Francisco from the studio audience to hang out while accusing him of being the last person to try and sell illegal weeds in a state that has legalized marijuana. They interview their longtime real assistant Sona Movsesian for a complete segment, something that Conan's Podcast listens to. Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend knows it will be a truly entertaining fight of passive-aggressive parts and shelves. Andy is going to get involved in a couple of slams and compare Kumail with Liza Minnelli (the only guest who ever drank a last-minute powder in 1996) as an "annoying diva" and nail him down with a sick "Kumail Non-Showy" -Uppy (A respectful handshake from Conan.) You play a quick, ten-second mobile video emailed to you in the middle of the show in Nanjiani's Silicon Valley co-star Thomas Middleditch takes the blame and says he did not, I do not know his lines.

But most of the time, you're pulling some old Conan O'Brien's revenge on the little comedy when Conan discovered that Nanjiani was in the Show, to promote his new buddy-action comedy Stuber with the requisite promotional clip, he set up the studio ad in his improvised monologue before he set off …. A clip from The Lion King which will be opened this weekend against Stuber . "You have to show up to get the cookie," said Andy's harsh love assessment of the situation, while Conan once again flipped the clip Lion King during his interview with Movsesian just to be mean / funny. As for abruptly repeated clip gags, it may not have been Mac And Me or Walker, Texas Ranger level, but for a last-minute improvisation it was a solid Conan.

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