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Confederate flag banners flown over Bristol Speedway at NASCAR All-Star Race | Grandstand report

Fans wait for the start of a NASCAR All-Star Open car race at Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tenn, Wednesday July 15, 2020. (AP Photo / Mark Humphrey)

Mark Humphrey / Associated Press

Almost a month after a Confederate flag was hoisted over Talladega Speedway in June, a flag was spotted over Bristol Motor Speedway on Wednesday before NASCAR̵

7;s All-Star race.

Confederate flags and images have been banned at all races and NASCAR venues since June 10.contrary to our obligation to offer all fans, our competitors and our industry an inviting and inclusive environment. “

According to USA todayWednesday’s Mike Hembree contained an advertisement for the Sons of Confederate Veterans organizationwho previously took responsibility for the Talladega banner.

“NASCAR’s ban on showing its Confederate flag by its fans is nothing less than the right of the Southerners to trample on freedom of expression,” said Paul C. Gramling Jr., SCV commander in chief to Talladega, by James Bennett of the Columbia Daily Herald. “This un-American act must not be left unchallenged. Members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Confederate Air Force showed their disapproval that NASCAR has trampled on the southern states’ First Amendment Rights.”

As a private company, NASCAR’s decision to ban confederate images does not violate freedom of speech protection.

No Confederate flags were reported in the stands during the All-Star race, and the infield was closed to spectators.

At the All-Star Open, which took place just before the All-Star Race, driver Bubba Wallace was seen, who is currently the only black driver in the Cup series. Wallace did not qualify for the All-Star race after a fall with Michael McDowell.

Confederate images had long been accepted at NASCAR events, but the sport became active after Wallace called for the flag to be banned. Previously, NASCAR had asked fans not to bring the flag to events or venues.

Wallace drove in a #BlackLivesMatter livery and received support from the sport and his passengers for speaking out against racism after George Floyd was taken into police custody in Minneapolis in late May.

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