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Congress is closer to enforcing Trump's support by Saudi

Proponents of a move to cut US support for Saudi Arabia in Yemen foresee a victory in the coming weeks when the Senate passes a House resolution.

The Trump government is expected to intensify its lobbying efforts against the US The dissolution of Yemen's war powers is approaching, with the hope of reversing some of the Republicans who support the move.

However, opponents have only a few tools at their disposal to stop the resolution, which requires only a simple majority for a procedural vote and the subsequent final passage.

Supporters say they have now gained more momentum as the government's misdemeanors in dealing with the Jamal Khashoggi murder have only increased in Saudi Arabia.

"I think we will win," Sen. Bernie Sanders Bernard (Bernie) SandersSenate Dems presents a bill to prevent Trump from using disaster relief to build Klobuchar. O & Rourke visits Wisconsin when 2020 sharpens the race. Sherrod Brown is pushing for Medicare buy-in-Pr oposal instead of & # 39; Medicare for all & # 39; MORE (I-Vt.) Said.

He declined to say whether he would expect a vote from Republicans supporting the measure in December.

awaits a vote on the resolution later this month or early March, while co-sponsored Sen. Chris Murphy Christopher (Chris) Scott MurphyHouse passed the bill to the US-based Saudi war in Yemen End this week: Border deal remains elusive while decommissioning is imminent Boundary talks are pending as further shutdown is imminent MORE (D-Conn.) Said he awaited the vote shortly after legislators return from their weeklong break on Presidents Day.

"There is no reason to wait," said Murphy.

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The resolution would require President Trump Donald John Trump McCabe says he is Trump said, "No, I believe Putin # 39; when he came into contact with the US over North Korea." McCabe: Trump talked to me about his electoral victory while the "bizarre" job interview MORE to withdraw the US armed forces within 30 days, if that is not the case fight against Al Qaeda or associated armed forces.

The Senate passed In December, a similar resolution with 56-41 votes. This was a Republican with 51-49 majority. The Republican-controlled house prevented the measure from coming to the polls.

But the Democrats now have control of the lower chamber, which voted last week 248-177 to approve the resolution and send the measure to the Senate.

Days before the House vote, the White House threatened to veto the resolution. It was "flawed" because the US troops were not directly involved in the Yemeni civil war and that a broad definition of hostilities could harm other bilateral defense cooperation agreements.

If the measure creates it with the President and if it permeates the White House's veto threat, it would be the first bill he has served since he took office.

The United States supports the Saudi-led coalition against Iran-sponsored Houthi rebels in Yemen's four-year civil war with logistics, information exchange and arms sales. The US military had previously provided air raids for coalition aircraft, but the Trump government suspended this support in November.

Some lawmakers have been trying for years to cut US contributions to the coalition, which was blamed for thousands of civilian deaths in the war. These efforts by the legislature remained constant until the end of last year after the American journalist and Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi was assassinated.

Khashoggi, a Washington Post columnist, was killed at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul. Legislators in both Saudi Arabia and the Trump administration were furious with their lukewarm response to the assassination.

When the outraged lawmakers upheld the legislature's efforts to stop US support for the Saudis in Yemen, the Trump administration dispatched Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Michael (Mike) Richard PompeoHeather Nauert pulls her name out of consideration for the job of a UN ambassador. The Hill's Morning Report – Featured by the American Academy of HIV Medicine – Trump, congress prepares for new frontier battle deal, national emergency declared Shanahan says allies are being consulted to Afghanistan Demands Khashoggi documents MORE and then Secretary of Defense James Mattis James Norman MattisTrump nominates Ambassador to Turkey Over Night Defense: Trump Declares Border Emergency | .6B in military building fund for use as a wall | Trump believes Obama has started the war with North Korea Pentagon paves the way for Venezuelan migrants Top US General: Trump wrong in withdrawing from Syria, IS defeated MORE against Capitol Hill for a briefing. But the briefing had backfired, and the legislature was not convinced of the government's arguments to be involved in the war, which led to stronger support for the Yemeni resolution.

Following the recent vote in Parliament's plenary session, Pompeo expressed confidence that the government could influence legislators if "officials continue to act" inform Congress of Iran's role in the Yemen civil war.

"I have to say I'm surprised about Yemen," Pompeo said in an interview with Fox News. "As far as we ban the ban on events in Yemen, we only benefit the Iranians. They are the ones who caused the whole argument. The humanitarian crisis is a direct responsibility of Iranian behavior. And I think if we continue to inform Capitol Hill members about this, they will see it as President Trump does.

Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Jim Risch James (Jim) Elroy RishOvernight Defense: Trump signs financing agreement and declares national emergency Shanahan says the allies are being consulted to Afghanistan Dem calls for Khashoggi documents Senate approves Syria, anti-BDS bill Bill Trump administration suspends nuclear deal with Russia MORE (R-Idaho), who voted against the Yemeni resolution in December, has not announced that he would not do anything about it Resolution is over this time.

"This will go through the regular order and we'll see how it works," Risch told The Hill last week.

The Republicans now have a 53-47 majority in the Senate, two seats more than in December. Since seven Republicans opted for the Democrats last year, supporters say there is enough support to resubmit the measure.

Legislators have a new government weakness that is reviving their anger over Khashoggi.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee Last year, he called for the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act to demand that Trump establish that members of the Saudi royal family, including Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, should be included , were responsible for the death of Khashoggi and in turn should be sanctioned.

Pompeo responded with a letter 120 days later – the deadline for answering – but the legislature in both parties said the answer did not meet the requirements of the Magnitsky law.

Murphy quoted this answer as predicting more support for the solution this time compared to the December vote

"There is no reason for people to change their voice," Murphy said. "Saudi Arabia's behavior has not changed. Honestly, the lack of Magnitsky certification will reverse the votes from no to yes, so this does not deviate from us. This goes in the direction of a bigger voice. "

Sen. Mitt Romney Willard (Mitt) Mitt RomneyTrump Tweets video mocking Dems not cheering during the state of the Union For 2020, Democrats are looking for someone who should love Trump. Religious Advisor Names Anti-Trump Evangelical "Spiderless Idiots" MORE [19659007] (R-Utah), who was not in the Senate at the previous poll in Yemen, said the government's dealings with Magnitsky's request will influence the polls when the resolution comes up.

The report comes from the Magnistky Act to announce my decision, "he said.

Romney also made a statement in which he said he was" worried that the administration was still out of line with the law and why it was not adequately explained "and urged officials to" correct this urgent situation and inform Congress as soon as possible about its progress. "

Sen. Lindsey Graham Lindsey Olin GrahamGraham: urgent for children in Kentucky to secure the border as a new schoolhouse White House, GOP defends Trump emergency declaration Limbaugh calls for 25th amendment discussion "Silent Coup" MORE (RS.C.), a more typical Trump's ally, one of the loudest critics of Riyadh since Khashoggi's death, was also dismayed by Magnitsky's response.

But he told The Hill on Thursday that he would not vote for the resolution of the war powers He said, "never have, never will." Instead, he said he would push ahead with the separate legislation he introduced with Sen. Bob Menendez Robert (Bob) MenendezWilliam Barr is the right man for the times this week: Trump delivers Union state in the Battle of the Wall Buzzfeed's story has more to say about the media than about the president MORE (DN. That would sanction Saudi officials, stop arms sales, and prohibit the refueling of Saudi coalition airplanes.

The MBS s Tuff, all we have to do is take care of it, "Graham said, referring to the Saudi Crown Prince in his initials. "We can not ignore that."

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