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Congress: Prior to surveys, Rahul Gandhi directly calls the laborers to increase morale

New Delhi: Contrary to the conventional tactics of boosting the party's morale, Congress President Rahul Gandhi has initiated a new grassroots exercise to engage with workers at state level in poll-bound states. From phone calls from Gandhi calling on workers to state-specific topics on video messages on politically important events, the congress president directly engages with workers to give them a sense of belonging and to save votes in states that have suffered greatly in the EU has previous assembly options.

The experiment began in Rajasthan where elections will take place in November.

When Gandhi picked up the phone and randomly called Gatui as the constituency in the Mudasail village of Ghatol, the 34-year-old party worker thought it was a hoax call. But the caller was very interested in knowing the problems of their constituency and how the party was doing and what to do.

Later that day, President Sachin Pilot spoke with her and that was when she really believed that the President of the Congress had called her. Like Gatui, there were others like Jameel in the Bhaunri Village Kaman Assembly and Ajaypal in Anupgarh's constituency who received such calls.

This is a new form of direct engagement that Gandhi seeks. The workers are randomly selected. Pilot said, "The workers are thrilled beyond imagination, this is the first time they have ever spoken to the President of the Congress." The move follows a nationwide initiative from Congress's newly-founded Data Analytics Division to award the party workers connect.

Praveen Chakravarty, who heads the department, said, "The worker had to send a text message with his Voter ID card number to register at Congress, and we have a database of at least five employees at each of the 45,000 booths in Rajasthan "This digital database is the backbone of the initiative. As a member of the congress, they received a video message from Gandhi that greeted them.

Tailor-made video messages for teenagers, women and farmers followed by Gandhi himself. For Pilot, this data boost is a great success in a federal state where Congress suffered a humiliating defeat in 201

3 when it was reduced to 21 seats in the 200-member assembly. "It's a science-led system that helps us if the Congress President gets involved directly with the narrative of the party," said Pilot.

After Rajasthan, a similar exercise was initiated by Praveen Chakravarty in the BJP-governed Chhattisgarh, where the Congress has been suspended for 15 years. In the 2013 elections, there was less than one percent difference in the votes of the BJP and the Congress. The party plans to take the initiative nationwide before the 2019 election.

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