Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy officially retires, giving President Trump another opportunity to appoint a judiciary. Here is the reason why the stakes are so high.
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Commentators this week were upset over the announcement that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kenndy is planning to retire at the end of July. The Liberals said that Kennedy would melt his legacy by retiring before the election and not handing over a presidential post to President Donald Trump.

The Conservatives said that Trump would win Kennedy for himself before the Democrats could block Trump's candidates, the Reagan-nominated justice, to preserve his legacy.

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Liberal bubble: Kennedy destroyed his legacy as a homosexual hero

Kennedy's was always worried about being Legacy, said Mark Joseph Stern of Slate. "But by deciding to retire under President Donald Trump, Kennedy threatens this legacy and puts his acclaimed and far-reaching decisions in serious danger," said Stern.

Nowhere is this more true than with Kennedy's decisions ending discrimination against gays, because "Trump is almost certain to replace Kennedy with a judge who shares the Conservative opposition to gay rights." And since Kennedy is gone, "there is a very real chance that national equality of marriage is a thing of the past," Stern said.

Today's Speaker: Supreme Court Justice Kennedy is retiring. It is time to fight.

Conservative bubble: Kennedy acted in the best interests of the legacy

Kennedy "acted in the best interests of the Supreme Court and his own legacy" when he decided to retire because he retired on July 31 he opens a Republican presidential and Senate to nominate and confirm a replacement with the best chance of holding the Constitutional Court, "wrote the editor of the Wall Street Journal.

A Republican candidate also offers the best chance Despite the fear and disgust heard on the Left, the democrats are already predicting the end of abortion rights, the end of gay marriage, and no doubt we will hear about the revival of Dred Scott before the confirmation hearings over to Justice Kennedy's successor are over.

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Kennedy's resignation "sends out a clear message to the tens of millions of Americans I have For a long time turned to the court to defend many of their esteemed rights and protections: look elsewhere, "wrote the editors of the New York Times.

This place is the ballot box. So turn up and vote. In the absence of a majority of the Supreme Court that reliably protects human dignity, universal equality, and the right of women to control their own bodies, it is up to Americans who value these values ​​to elect politicians at all levels of government.

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Conservative Bubble: Trump Delighted Kennedy Retires

Kennedy's resignation was the "climax of Trump's year -and – a half-length charm offensive, "said Washington Examiner commentator Philip Wegmann.

"This president may not win many friends, but he did a master class on influencing high court judges," Wegmann said. "It's not by chance that Kennedy retired with Trump at the Oval Office, but the Reagan candidate could just as well have called it a presidential candidate, he did not, and he did not hope for another until 2020 The party took over the White House, and Kennedy retired from Trump in the second year after making a close acquaintance with the president.

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Liberal bubble: McConnell ignores his own principles

There is only one reason why the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, R-Ky, did not set his precedent of 2016 to follow what Merrick Garland, then-President Barack Obama's candidate to the Supreme Court, said, "Mitch McConnell does not care," said Steve Benen, an MSNBC producer for r "The Rachel Maddow Show".

Critics of the Majority Leader could offer an air raid charge that proves with absolute certainty that McConnell is an unprincipled hypocrite indifferent to decency and outwardly hostile to norms, traditions, and the integrity of American institutions.

And presented With the evidence, McConnell would shrug and continue with his plans.

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Conservative bubble: blame Harry Reid and Joe Biden

In a commentary in The Washington Post The conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt said that McConnell, R-Ky., "Just Follows the Democrats' Rules" to make a vote about who ever nominated Trump presidential intermediate elections.

Hewitt argues that McConnell followed in 2013 the "Reid Rule" of former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) In 2013, which allowed a simple majority vote to vote for non-Supreme Court candidates. And for critics who call McConnell a hypocrite for not waiting until the election, Hewitt says McConnell followed the 1992 Biden Rule in the case of Merrick Garland, which said that a president was not a candidate for an election Vacancy should call the court opens before a choice. But, Hewitt said, the Biden Rule only applies in presidential elections .

Our View: Anthony Kennedy is open-minded. So should his successor.


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