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Contrasting messages from Biden and Trump on World Press Freedom Day

He referred to his claim that he had a 96 percent approval rate in the Republican Party. The Gallup survey Trump pointed out that he had 94 percent approval among Republican voters and 49 percent overall approval – the highest of his presidency. Then he targeted NBC News and CNN, who have “made an effort to say GREAT things about China” amid the coronavirus pandemic that started in that country.

Trump rounded off the day with a Fox News virtual town hall at the Lincoln Memorial, declaring he was facing an enemy press and being treated worse than President Abraham Lincoln.

“You see it: 94 or 95 percent of the press is hostile,”

; Trump said. “We have tremendous support, but the media could just as easily be in the Democratic Party. Why? I dont know.”

Since his campaign in 2016, the president has repeatedly bombarded the media. At the recent White House corona virus briefings, Trump quarreled with reporters about reporting on his government and how to deal with the health crisis. Even last weekend, Trump continued to offer without briefings stinging rebuke on Twitter.

At City Hall on Sunday, Trump said reporters asked him “shameful” and “terrible, terrible, biased” questions on stage during these briefings, “he added.

In a statement released on Sunday, Biden took the President to heart and accused Trump of launching a “major media attack” by calling journalists “the people’s enemy” and reporting “false news”.

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