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Control, released today, is $ 10 cheaper on PS4, Xbox One

As digital games become more and more popular, retailers are obviously doing everything they can to make physical copies for gamers who prefer the convenience of downloading. For Amazon and Walmart, the answer was to lower the price of games on release and offer new titles for $ 49.94 if they are usually available for $ 60.

From Mortal Kombat 11 to Fire Emblem: Three Houses, we have seen this pattern emerge in the course of 2019. Now Remedy's new action-adventure game Control is the newest to receive the discount treatment for the release day – the title is already available for $ 10 off (only for PS4 and Xbox One) at Walmart and Amazon.

At Walmart there is the PS4 version for $ 50.94 and the Xbox One version for $ 49.94. Both are delivered with free two-day shipping. At Amazon, the PS4 version is listed at $ 50.94, but temporarily unavailable. At Amazon, however, you can still order the game at this price if you're ready to wait a little longer for delivery. According to Amazon, you will be notified by e-mail about an estimated delivery date and you will not be charged until the item has been shipped.

Fortunately, the Xbox One version is still available for $ 49.94 on Amazon If you have Amazon Prime, shipping for a day is even free.

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The game was rated 8/1

0 in GameSpots Control Review in which Peter Brown great art style, the stylish fight and the fascinating approach to complex concepts of the game praised. "It's not often that a game invades my thoughts like Control," he wrote. "I've come to the point where I want to consume everything it has to offer, and to be honest, I'd like to reiterate Remedy's past games, of course, it's a faulty Metroidvania in some respects, but there are so many extraordinary features that Control distracts any momentary anger, so I can not wait to get into discussions about the game, see what others have found out, and better understand where Jesse's story belongs. "

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