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Control walkthrough – Instructions and tips for completing the main missions • Eurogamer.net

Our current guide to controlling on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Control is the latest supernatural thriller for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Join Jesse Faden in search of her younger brother Dylan at the mysterious Federal Bureau of Control. However, the bureau is attacked by a troupe known only as Hiss whose motives are unknown.

Jesse takes over the position of Director – Head of the Federal Bureau of Control. This makes her the only person who can stop the hissing and she is not even paid.

Our Control Pass will shortly provide a step-by-step Instruction to complete the main missions, side missions, and other useful guides.

We also have some useful tips and tricks to help you with your journey through the oldest house.

Control Walkthrough

The control is divided into a series of major missions.

Each mission leads you to a new area in the oldest house, the headquarters of the federal control office, as you try to stop the hissing and find Dylan. However, hissing as well as a multitude of puzzles will try to prevent you from doing so.

The following guides will guide you through each mission and explain how to solve tricky puzzles and defeat the difficult hiss.

We have also indicated the location of the various collectibles that you can discover on your travels through the oldest house. These range from complaints from employees to scientific presentations, each of which gives an insight into life in the office.

Be forewarned, but these guides contain spoilers.

Control ̵

1; Introduction

Control – Unknown Caller

Control – Directorial Overwrite

Control – Old Boy's Club

Control – [19459008Threshold


Guidance Missions Guidelines

If you cross the strange world of the oldest house, you will find other curiosities to help Ahti, the normal janitor, in addition to your main mission to find Dylan. Ahti thinks you are his new assistant and he does not want to miss his vacation. So you can do as well as you want.

These guides contain spoilers.

Objects of side missions of the powers:

Side missions of the janitors:


Other Controls

Traveling through the oldest house, you will find a number of curiosities next to the hiss. If you want to survive, you have to make sure that you are at the top of your supernatural game.

Below is a list of guides that will help you destroy the hissing and other darker elders of the elders House:


Tips and Tricks for Controlling

Here are some tips and tricks to help you traverse the oldest house:

  • Do not forget to update Jesse! After completing a mission, you will receive a number of skill points. You can use these to improve Jesse's health and various powers. You can do this at the checkpoint in the central executive.
  • Stay in the fight always on the move. Combat in Control is fast and if you get stuck in a corner, you can be dead very quickly. Because of this, it's a good idea to keep moving, dodging bullets, and throwing chairs at the enemy's hiss.
  • Deconstruct all unwanted mods. Deconstructing unwanted personal and weapon modifications gives you a small amount of source energy. With this energy source, you can then create new weapon forms for your service weapon to eliminate the hiss.
  • Collect as many collectibles as possible. The oldest house is full of collectibles that you can find. Some are small Easter eggs, others point to dark events in the office's past, and some will unlock new side missions that you can complete.
  • Set countermeasures for the board. Board Countermeasures are additional small tasks that you have to do in the fight against Hiss. A countermeasure may be a certain number of headshots or the killing of a particular enemy. Completing countermeasures will reward you with a number of weapon and personal modifications.
  • Find new objects of power. Objects of Force give Jesse her supernatural powers. You will find some objects of power, such as the disk, as part of the main story, while others are hidden in side missions. Try to find as many power objects as possible to expand Jesse's ability list.
  • Always use personal modifications and weapon modifications. Personal Mods and Weapon Mods offer you a variety of boosts – from extra health to boosting reload speed. A well-chosen mod can be the difference between a win or a defeat. So always make sure that you are up to date on your mods!

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