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Cool Zelda 2DS looks like Link's second-most famous article

A new Nintendo 2DS design comes only for fans of Legend of Zelda. The (new) Nintendo 2DS XL Hylian Shield Edition is designed to look like Link's legendary blue finish and Triforce insignia.

The Special Edition will be available exclusively on GameStop for $ 160 on July 2nd. It is also preloaded with The Legend of Zelda: A connection between the worlds. This includes similar Special Edition 2DS models with Pikachu's face and a pokeball. As a 2DS, the system has the ability to play the full library of 3DS games, but without the 3D functionality. The "New 2DS XL" system line essentially takes the new 3DS XL shell shape and strips off the 3D part.

The Legend of Zelda: A Connection Between Worlds was a straightforward sequel to the Super NES classic, A Link to The Past, and earned critical acclaim for its mix of retro-gameplay and a less rigid structure. Unlike most Zelda games, players were able to take over the dungeons in any order by getting the necessary puzzle solutions from a shopkeeper. This formula-breaking experiment paved the way for more radical changes in Breath of the Wild.

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