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Cordray defeats Kucinich in Ohio; Blankenship loses in West Virginia

"That could have been the Trump effect," he said of his loss. "If you're 84 percent positive as it is, it can be great."

In a fiercely fought battle between two Liberal Democrats in Ohio, Richard Cordray, the former head of the Consumer Protection Bureau, won the party's nomination in the governor's race over former Congressman and presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich.

The victory of Mr. Cordray, who was assisted by Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and received strong work support, was a relief to many Democrats who saw Mr. Kucinich will likely lose in the autumn, given his sharp leftist views and connections with a group which is sympathetic to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Mr. Cordray will take on Attorney General Mike DeWine, who is following an aggressive Lt. challenge. Gov Mary Taylor claimed the Republican nomination.

"This victory happened for a reason," Cordray told his supporters hotel in downtown Columbus as they cheered and waving campaign signs. "You have demanded change and we have heard you, and we want the same."

He responded to a campaign that focused primarily on helping the little boy. He pledged to continue to fight for "kitchen issues" your thoughts, "including access to affordable healthcare and the dissemination of economic opportunities.

In another Ohio race, left open for the seat by Representative James Renacci – a Republican who Slightly Winning the Nomination to Meet Sen. Sherrod Brown – Former NFL Broad receptionist Anthony Gonzalez defeated Representative Christina Hagan in a contest where Republicans who impacted the establishment also became nervous and poured money over Mr. Gonzalez

Indiana Republicans allowed a bloody Senate executive to elect between three largely indistinguishable candidates – a wealthy former state legislator and businessman, to challenge Senator Joe Donnelly, a first-time Democrat – Mr Brown has successfully campaigned as a political outsider, though his G business records in the parliamentary elections are likely to be scrutinized. Mr. Donnelly is another endangered Democrat in the Senate this year, and on Thursday Mr. Trump will prevail against him.

"We seem to be in the era of the outsider," said John Hammond, a lawyer and member of the Indiana Republican National Committee. "This message, along with the fact that it's extremely well funded, outperformed the other campaigns two to one."

And in an unremarkable election marked only by a famous surname, Greg Pence, brother of the vice president, claimed the Republican nomination in the 6th congressional district of Indiana. Mr. Pence, who has sucked campaign money from national donors near his brother, is the strong favorite to win his brother's old seat.

North Carolina did not have a major nationwide election, but voters gave the night's biggest surprise: Mr. Pittsger, a third-time Republican, was defeated by Mr. Harris, a pastor who nearly deposed the Congressman in the 2016 primaries ,

The first incumbent lost renown this year, Pittenger sought to dismiss Mr. Harris by enthusiastically embracing Mr. Trump. But he found little support as a response from the government.

Republicans were already concerned to hold the Charlotte-to-Fayetteville seat – Democratic candidate Dan McCready outdone Mr. Pittenger – and must now decide how aggressively to support Mr. Harris.

In Ohio, Mr. Cordray's victory in the Democratic primary line marks a significant initial success in his return to electoral politics after serving in the Obama administration for nearly a decade.

His success also demonstrated a strength for Mrs. Warren and unions against the leftist elements of the party, including some of Senator Bernie Sanders's allies who had supported Mr. Kucinich. (Mr. Sanders did not comment in the race.) Should Mr. Cordray win this November, he will give the Democrats some backing in a battlefield that is drifting to the right in recent years.

A former Ohio attorney general who was defeated for reelection in 2010, Cordray faced harsh opposition in his political return home, notably by Mr. Kucinich, a flamboyant 71-year-old former Congressman and Cleveland mayor, with the extreme left is aligned.

Despite the support of powerful unions and campaigns with Senator Warren – a hero of the Liberals – Mr. Cordray fought temporarily to arouse enthusiasm by Democratic voters of the base.

And after mass shootings at a high school in Parkland, Florida, in February, Cordray was tormented by having taken conservative positions in arms control in the past; He even earned the National Rifle Association's support in 2010.

However, Mr. Cordray ultimately had a much wider appeal than Mr. Kucinich, who also voiced his last praise for Mr. Trump in the final weeks of the race and his decision to accept $ 20,000 from a group supporting Mr. Assad , (After trying to refuse questions for a fee, he eventually returned the money.)

Mr. Cordray will confront a harder and more conventional opponent in Mr. DeWine. DeWine is a senior political executive in Ohio and Washington. He is a powerful fundraiser, heading for the center in difficult elections. Mr. DeWine will, paradoxically, benefit from both Mr. Trump's governmental strength and the popularity of outgoing Governor John Kasich, who faced Mr. Trump in 2016 and is one of the President's most vociferous critics

The burden is on Mr. Cordray to show that his populist message and quietly spoken persona can resonate in a state where Republicans have held the governorship for all but four years since the early 1990s.

Photo [19659024] Don Blankenship spoke Tuesday night in West Virginia about his defeat in the Republican Senate primary. Credit
Christian Tyler Randolph for the New York Times

But the most watched race – and for Republicans, the most frightening – was in West Virginia, where Mr. Blankenship threatened to torpedo the party's chances of success in one again

Mr. Morrisey claimed victory Tuesday night and quickly turned to what is likely to be the heart of his campaign: driving a wedge between Mr. Manchin and Mr. Trump.

"If President Trump needed Joe Manchins help with so many problems, Senator Manchin said no," Mr. Morrisey said.

In his own statement, Mr. Manchin swore that the campaign "would bring together people who care about improving lives for Americans who work hard for a paycheck."

President Trump had kept silent about the main event when Mr. Blankenship began attacking Republican leaders, such as the family of transport secretary Elaine Chao, Mr. McConnell's wife, as the "China family" of the majority leader McConnell himself "Cocaine Mitch."

But after a telephone conversation with Mr. McConnell on Sunday, and on the advice of his own counselor, Mr. Trump finally waded with a tweet on Monday morning against West Virginia. 19659033] "Don Blankenship, who is currently running for the Senate, can not win the parliamentary elections in your country … No way!" Wrote Trump before encouraging voters to support one of Mr. Blankenship's opponents. 19659034] Mr. Trump also referred to the last time the Republicans gave away a Senate seat by nominating a flawed candidate, an event he considered to be politically infamous. "Remember, Alabama," he wrote, referring to the nomination of former state judge Roy S. Moore, who lost a special election after a series of women brought him to court as a teenager.

Mr. Blankenship faced a series of attacks from Republican groups voted on with Mr. McConnell for his role in the blast and was also criticized for keeping his official residence in Las Vegas and refusing to disclose his extensive financial holdings.

But while Mr. Morrisey and Mr. Jenkins attacked each other, and a Democratic Superpak attacked Mr. Jenkins, Mr. Blankenship's poll figures sneaked up again.

Last weekend, when it became clear that he was threatening to win and endanger the party. After the majority in the Senate, the Republican officials stated that the moment had come for Mr. Trump to step in.

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