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Corey Lewandowski: Overstock's former CEO, Patrick Byrne, reported alleged ties with the Russian agent

Corey Lewandowski, former Trump campaign manager, said Thursday that the Senate should call overstock's former founder and CEO, Patrick Byrne, to testify about his alleged involvement in a Russian agent.

Lewandowski, mentioned several times in the report of ex-Special Adviser Robert Mueller on the Russia investigation, talked about Martha MacCallum's Fox News & # 39; The Story, and charged Byrne with resigning after 20 years in the business amid his ties to an investigation In the past month, Byrne announced that he was involved in a Russian FBI investigation and admitted to have a relationship with Maria Butina, who pleaded guilty last year to conspire as a Russian agent without registering with the Ministry of Justice.

PATRICK BYRNE, EX-OVERSTOCK CEO, SAYS HE HAS 'PETER STRZOK'S FISHY'S ORDERS; Byrne said on Thursday in "The Story" that he has helped federal officials twice in the past, including "to help them kill people on Wall Street."

The previous Thursday In an interview about "Varney & Co." Fox Business said Byrne said the investigation "has everything to do with political espionage," and he thought, "we're about to face the biggest scandal in American history."

Lewandowski answered Byrne's announcement and his interview with MacCallum read, "It was perhaps the craziest interview I've ever seen in my life." ] He continued, "I've testified twice before the House, the Senate, the miller investigators. Never had I ever heard of this person, never been raised in conversation. He obviously had nothing to do with the campaign, and if he was involved in this former Russian espionage, she probably used it as a source of information. "

" I had never heard of this person, never. English:. German: www.germnews.de/archive/gn/1

996/01/16.html He was raised in conversation. He clearly had nothing to do with the campaign.

– Corey Lewandowski

During Byrne's interview to "The Story" he claimed he had "lazy" orders from former FBI official Peter Strzok and performed in 2015-2016.

Strzok was due out of Mueller's investigation Removed anti-Trump text messages he had exchanged with his lover, Lisa Page, and was released by the FBI in August 2018.

Byrne claimed that people whom he called "the men in black" came to him, and asked him for "this third favor."

He told MacCallum that he did not know exactly who had sent the orders, but he executed them.


"Last summer I found out from television and some congressional hearings where these orders came from, from a man named Peter Strzok," Byrne said, adding d He added the names of others MacCallum also referred to as FBI.

Lewandowski replied, "This seems like many black helicopters fly around The world of this guy, things he can not talk about."

"This seems like many black helicopters fly around this guy's world, Things he can not talk about. "

– Corey Lewandowski

] He continued," He said it was not the FBI, but then he kept referring to Peter Strzok, Lisa Page. We know We know that they should have been fired long ago, they were part of the I think we should investigate him more closely and the Senate should call him in advance and ask him some questions. "


The House The Judiciary Committee summoned Lewandowski and the former White House assistant, Rick Dearborn, as part of his mandate investigation of the behavior of Presidents Trump in office.

Rep. Jerry Nadler, DN.Y., chairman of the committee, said the committee would publicly hear from Lewandowski and Dearborn on September 17, "as part of its efforts to bring the president to justice." Helper of statements before the congress.

Fox News & # 39; Martha MacCallum and Charles Creitz, Fox Business & # 39; Blair Shiff and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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