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Corona virus live updates: Studies show that the N.Y. outbreak originated in Europe

“To be out of control of anything, just to wait and stand at the edge of your seat, it’s stunning at this point.” Janette’s fiancé Michael is imprisoned on Rikers Island. He is serving time because he has not contacted his official and has violated his parole on drug possession. Now Michael and hundreds like him are at the center of a public health crisis that experts have been warning about for weeks. “Due to the city for two months, it’s not worth a person’s life. You give people a life sentence and leave them there.” TV Spokesman: “An inmate who tested positive for Covid-19 died yesterday at Bellevue Hospital . ”

; “Rikers is one of the largest correctional facilities in the world, and the infection rate there is currently seven times that of New York City.” “Is our prison system ready for an outbreak?” “When the corona virus entered the prisons, officials and lawyers rushed to address the situation.” “We will continue to reduce our prison population.” “We release people who are in prison for violating parole.” When the virus was first identified in New York, 5,400 inmates were in city prisons. To combat the spread of the virus, the Board of Correction recommended the release of 2,000 inmates. Probation officers, people over 50, medically vulnerable people and inmates serving short sentences. Two weeks later, government officials released only half. “Prisons, prisons act as incubators for the virus.” “Think of the prisons as the worst cruise ship in the world.” “If we get a real situation here and this thing starts to spread, it’ll spread like wildfire and New York will have a problem in its hands.” Every day, thousands of employees travel through the city’s prisons, forming a human lifeline to the city. Occupants come and go too. “It is therefore particularly urgent to get this under control as it is not just about who is in prison, but really about the city.” This is Kenneth Albritton. He was detained on Rikers when Covid-19 spread across the city. “It’s scary in there, I would tell you. When I was there, you had people who made their own masks with their shirts. They didn’t want to breathe in the air with the same people who are in the dorm with them.” Kenneth was on probation after serving at age 18 for second degree manslaughter. “I was brought to Rikers Island on February 5th because of a curfew. When I read a newspaper and see the news, I see that they don’t say more than 10 to a group. But you have 50 people who are in a sleeping area. It is impossible to tell us to practice social distancing there when stacked on top of each other. “After someone tested positive in his dorm, Kenneth says he was quarantined. But less than 24 hours later, he was released. He received a MetroCard, but no instructions on how to deal with the possible spread of Covid-19 “If they had tested me on the way out, I would have felt OK, they were taking the right steps. When I left the pen to come home, they didn’t tell us how we were going “Even though nobody said nothing to me, I felt I should be quarantined.” “Not much was thought about what happens to inmates after their release and when they return to the communities and theirs Houses are. “When we asked about the pace of publications, the mayor’s office agreed that it was slow, but said that they were not in full control the state Department of Justice said it was working as soon as possible. “My fiancee, who is on Rikers, we had our son in September and about two weeks later he found out he had an arrest warrant against him.” “Oh, you have these boogies. I told you baby likes this camera – oh my god. “” This is a person with non-violent charges. It’s like a real health disaster. The probation officers are the easiest thing to do. Law. Yes, they said about 500 or 700 probation officers. I had just read it last night. Yes, that he signed it. “The outbreak in city prisons isn’t just a threat to inmates. On March 27, Quinsey Simpson died as the first correctional officer in New York City to Covid-19. “Despite the harm to herself and her family, proofreaders roll on this island every day to do this job.” Official Husamudeen criticizes the city’s reaction, but advocates improving prison conditions and not releasing inmates. “That is not the answer to solving this problem. They have not served their time. If they were to spend their time, they would not be on probation.” But his opposition is in the minority. While the general population at Rikers has declined, there is an unusual consensus among defense lawyers, prosecutors and correction officers that the releases are not quick enough. “We need to redesign our public security thinking to take account of the fact that public security involves trying to prevent viruses from spreading.” “My brother, who is a New York school teacher, got infected with the corona virus. Are you okay Oh I love you. Oh, you’re scared? What’s going on? Oh God. Don’t get in your head that it’s you You will beat that. OK? OK I love you. OK, I’ll call you right away. OK. As a teacher, he had a lot of precautions and thought he would follow everything he should do and he got the corona virus, that went to school. That’s why I’m so relentless to fight for Michael to come home. The person who’s right next to you can have it and you wouldn’t even know. ”In the city prisons there are hundreds of people Inmates and law enforcement officers performed positive tests, and half of all inmates are currently in quarantine. “Covid-19 and the pandemic pretty quickly uncovered all the weakest spots in our social security networks. And it’s no surprise that one of them is the way prisons endanger people. “” I know, dear – it’s just ridiculously scary. “

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