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Corona Virus Update: New Cases in Ada, Canyon Counties, July 5

Idaho reported 370 new cases of coronavirus infections, most of which were in Treasure Valley, on Sunday. According to data from the Coronavirus website of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs of Idaho. It is the first time since April that the agency reported daily case numbers on a Sunday, triggered by the increasing number of new diagnoses in the past few weeks.

The majority of the cases confirmed on Sunday were in Ada County, where officials reported 207 new cases. The total number of cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, is 2,696. Ada County is a leader in infections with more than 1

,000 cases.

Canyon County, home of Nampa and Caldwell, followed Ada with the second highest number of new cases: 91. This is a drop from several days of record-breaking new cases in Canyon County, where 1,265 people have contracted the coronavirus.

16 other districts reported new cases on Sunday: Boise 1 (5 in total), Bonner 2 (39 in total), Bonneville 5 (110 in total), Cassia 4 (228 in total), Elmore 6 (68 in total), Jefferson 1 (15 in total) , Kootenai 23 (421 in total), Madison 2 (30 in total), Minidoka 6 (183 in total), Owyhee 1 (40 in total), Payette 5 (115 in total), Shoshone 1 (3 in total), Teton 1 (20 in total), Twin Falls 7 (total 572), Valley 3 (total 20) and Washington 4 (total 109).

The state health agency only reported a new case among healthcare workers, bringing the total number of infected healthcare workers to 570. The number of hospitalizations related to COVID-19 increased by 10 to 369 and ICU admission increased by two to 124.

For the second time in a row, IDHW removed two “probable cases” from its data dashboard and reduced the number nationwide to 589. 2,201 new tests and 2,886 patients who were believed to have recovered from the disease were reported Increase from 28 since Saturday.

By Sunday, Idaho had confirmed 7,175 cases of COVID-19 since the first case was reported in March.

(Note: The Idaho statesman typically uses reports from local health districts. Eastern Idaho Public Health was the only district that was updated on Sunday. The statesman added his report to the State Department of Health update.)


Hospital stays: Health and Social Reports There were 369 hospitalizations for coronavirus, 124 intensive care admissions, and 570 infected healthcare workers. The hospital and health numbers are based on cases with completed contact exams, not on the full number of positive results.

Checksums: At the end of the day on Saturday, Health and Welfare reported that 105,876 tests had been completed nationwide. About 6.7% of them were positive for COVID-19.

Counties with confirmed COVID-19 cases: Ada 2,696, Adams 10, Bannock 103, Bear Lake 2, Benewah 13, Bingham 57, Blaine 527, Boise 5, Bonner 39, Bonneville 110, Grenz 1, Camas 1, Canyon 1,265, Caribou 15, Cassia 228, Clearwater 2, Custer 5, Elmore 68, Franklin 25, Fremont 7, Gem 34, Gooding 56, Idaho 5, Jefferson 15, Jerome 212, Kootenai 421, Latah 21, Lemhi 2, Lincoln 32, Madison 30, Minidoka 183, Nez Perce 86, Oneida 5, Owyhee 40, Payette 115, Power 16, Shoshone 3, Teton 20, Twin Falls 572, Valley 20 and Washington 109.

Counties with municipal distribution: Ada, Bannock, Benewah, Bingham, Blaine, Bonner, Bonneville, Canyon, Karibu, Cassia, Clearwater, Custer, Elmore, Edelstein, Gooding, Idaho, Jefferson, Hieronymus, Kootenai, Lemhi, Lewis, Lincoln, Madison, Minidoka, Nez Perce , Owyhee, Oneida, Payette, Power, Teton, Twin Falls, Valley and Washington.

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