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Coronavirus Global News: Live updates

Nationwide, cases have increased by 65 percent in the past two weeks. The country reported more than 45,000 new infections on Friday, the third consecutive day of new cases, and a number of countries also had new records. Florida, Nevada and South Carolina reported their highest one-day case numbers on Saturday. As of this week, the largest daily total in the country on April 24 was 36,738.

Many entrepreneurs and workers who have lost their jobs believe that their leaders have not prepared for the economic devastation caused by the stalemates decided by states to varying degrees since March. And they say the recent reopening has undercut their victims.

In recent weeks, some conservatives have said they have an additional problem: after being told for weeks that attending the church, attending funerals, and participating in protests is a deliberate, negligent rejection of science, political leaders, and some officials of the public health was – and even joined – the crowd protesting the murder of George Floyd and other black Americans.

“It’s just a real social whiplash,” said Philip Campbell, vice president of a pest control company in central Michigan, who took part in the first protests against the Lansing blockage in April from his truck cabin. “You couldn’t go out two weeks ago because you will kill Grandma. Now it says:” You are obliged to go out. “I have the feeling that science and the health authorities have been politicized.”

A number of states are rethinking their plans to reopen. Florida and Texas have again put limits on bars, banned drinking inside, or completely closed the space as they sought to control the apparently brewing public health disaster. All of this has made people bitter about officials because they feel they are fumbling the victims of their voters.

“Are we going to make a circle? Yes, ”said Judy Ray, 57, a Florida beautician and hairdresser who was fired from her job in March.

Some criticize the state and city leaders who rushed to reopen while the virus was spreading to other corners of the country and who are now facing discouraging outbreaks in their own backyards. Others criticize a lack of federal leadership and a White House that is beyond professional leadership.

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