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Coronavirus US: 61,492 new cases registered, second highest day in existence – live updates US news

Last night, Orange County’s education leaders voted to recommend reopening schools without the mandatory use of masks or increasing social distance – although they suggest that in addition to nightly disinfection of the classrooms, daily temperature controls, frequent hand washing, and the use of hand sanitizers are performed should be

Jocelyn Gecker reported for the California Associated Press on the debate about reopening the school. On the one hand, parents say that children should be children. They reject masks and social distancing in classrooms and argue that both could affect their children̵

7;s wellbeing.
On the other hand, there are parents and teachers who demand protective measures that would have been inconceivable before the coronavirus pandemic: part-time school, face covering for all, or a curriculum that is fully available online.

“Don’t tell me that my child has to wear a mask,” Kim Sherman, a mother of three in Central California’s city of Clovis, who claims to be very conservative and very pro-Trump, told Gecker. “I don’t have to be dictated to tell myself how best to raise my kids.”

Some parents have threatened to pull their children and the funds they provide if masks are needed. Hillary Salway, a mother of three in Orange County, California, is part of a vocal minority that demands that schools be fully opened with “normal social interaction.”

When the district needs masks for her son’s kindergarten class, she says, “I don’t know if my son will start his educational career in the public school system in the fall.”

She wants him to feel free to hug his teacher and friends and can’t imagine sending him to a school where he is reprimanded for sharing a toy. She launched a petition last month asking her district to “keep facial expressions available” and helped organize a protest of over 100 people outside the district office with signs saying “No to Masks, Yes to Break” and ” Let me breathe ”

Supporters argue that face coverings are ineffective, create a false sense of security, and may be harmful.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that masks can help prevent infected people from spreading the virus to others and encourage students and teachers to wear them whenever possible. Democratically Governor Gavin Newsom ordered the Californians to wear them in public.

Brooke Aston Harper, a liberal parent who recently attended a particularly spirited Orange County Education Board meeting, said it was “terrible” for the speakers to “force all of us on their little worldview.”

“I’m not looking for a fight, I just want us to take precautions,” said Harper, whose children are 4 and 6 years old.
She also launched a petition asking schools to follow state guidelines, which include masks for teachers and students, constant social distance on campus, and other measures.

“For every school board, the question will be: what does our community want and who is the loudest?” She said.

“I’m going to wear a mask, face mask, and possibly gloves, and I’m even considering putting on some kind of body covering,” he says Stacey Pugh, a fifth grade teacher in a suburb of Houston. She hopes that Aldine District will prescribe student masks. “Come this fall, we’ll be the front workers,” said Pugh.

Many small rural communities argue that they shouldn’t have to follow the same rules as big cities where infection rates are higher.

Craig GuenslerAccording to the superintendent of a small district in mostly rural California, Yuba County, officials will try to follow government mandates. They spent $ 25,000 on what he calls “spit guards for lack of a better term” – clear plexiglass partitions to separate desks at the four schools in the Wheatland Unified School District.

In a survey, 85 percent of parents said their children should be at school full-time. Officials will clear desks as much as possible, but still expect up to 28 in each classroom, Guensler said. Many parents are firmly convinced that their children do not wear masks, and he suspects that they will find gaps when California needs them.

“Our expectation is that we will be beaten up by pediatricians who write notes and say, ‘My child can’t wear a mask,'” he said.

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