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Coronavirus: What the White House Test Tsar had to say about Trump rally goers without masks

Tapper asked Admiral Brett Giroir, “If President Trump is holding a rally and it doesn’t require masks and social distancing, this is the example you speak of when you talk about everyone having to do their part to bring the numbers down ? ” “”

Citing the high number of coronavirus deaths in the US, Tapper added, “How is this not a failure, and in your own words, how does President Trump lead us out the right way?”

Even when the coronavirus died close to 200,000 people in the US, in the final stage before the elections, Trump began traversing the US and holding campaign rallies, which may be super-spreader events.

Giroir said Sunday that people “should be empowered to know that they can slow the spread and change course. You can save lives by doing the things we talk about and wearing a mask.”


Without directly commenting on the president’s behavior at rallies, Girior said to Tapper: “Biology is independent of politics.”

“If you can’t physically distance yourself, all doctors, all public health experts, and we all agree that when you can’t physically distance yourself, it’s important to wear a mask, avoid the crowded interior, wash your hands , combined with smart testing, “he said.

Tapper pressed Giroir again, “President Trump is making these rallies. People don’t wear masks. These may be super-spreader events.”

“So I want to repeat what I said again. Biology is independent of politics,” Giroir replied.

“Don’t tell me, tell President Trump,” said Tapper.

Trump’s recent campaign events have violated government mandates put in place to slow the spread of the pandemic, and participants have been seen without face masks and social distancing. He held his first ever rally in Nevada last week and it was entirely indoor. This contradicted the state’s restriction on gatherings of 50 or more people.

Girior told CNN on Sunday that wearing masks was a “critical step” in preventing the spread of the coronavirus and that it was the responsibility of government officials to help people understand this.

“We always recommend wearing a mask as this is very important – it’s a critical step in preventing the spread,” said Girior. “And we want people to understand that. This has to be repeated by the locals, the state, the public, and certainly all of us in the task force want to make sure people understand that we are having the governors with a lot every week.” provide a lot. ” specific recommendations down to the district level on how the spread can be slowed down. “

He added, “But right now, prevention is certainly the most important step in wearing a mask. Avoiding crowds, especially indoors, is very important, and hygiene is what we need to adhere to.”

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