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Corvette fans use the power of the Internet to fight dealer markups

The 2020 Corvette is a cool, fast car with a large fanbase, and some unscrupulous dealers want to benefit from it by outperforming the EIA.


So you've been waiting and searching the internet for news about a brand new performance car. You have followed the development and saved your money, and finally it is over, and holy crap, you can afford it, just barely. Then contact your local dealer.

It can often get worse here, because when you come to the dealer and go to your dream car for the first time, you will see the window sticker and your heart will sink. The dealer has set his own premium to the manufacturer's suggested retail price.

This happens frequently, and dealers for American car brands are among the worst offenders. As a result, a large group of Corvette enthusiasts are taking steps to defend themselves and they are using the Internet, according to a report released by Motor1

on Sunday.

The whole thing started as a thread in CorvetteForums, where some users reported that they had encountered traders who demanded massive cash payments for orders for the 2020 C8 Corvette or worse, according to them asked for surcharges of $ 30,000 or more over the MSRP of $ 59,995.

Members of the forum kept an on-going list of traders willing to sell the car as intended by Chevy, as well as other, less conscientious dealers who were trying to exploit [1945901] the tremendous interest that the first engine Corvette had detonated.

According to the Post, it is more common to find cars sold at or around the MSRP at higher volume dealers. The cool thing is that this forum thread not only allows buyers to find their vehicles without them falling victim, but also that dealers have committed to sell the cars at a certain price.

Now that we've selected dealers for American cars, they're by no means alone when it comes to tagging popular cars, be they limited-production vehicles, as we saw in Porsche 911 R to have. or just newly announced cars with cult sequences, as we see them on the Corvette.

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