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Could Colin Kaepernick be the next Denver QB?

In the most exciting and recent offseason since the great debate between Tebow and Manning, the Broncos have taken things crazy to the next level after allegedly separating themselves from Gary Kubiak.

Just yesterday, Broncos Country was quite convinced that the longtime Darling and Super Bowl winner from Denver would lead the team's offense, while new head coach Vic Fangio would take over the defense. That was all before an Adam-Schefter bomb destroyed the heads of all the fans, coaches and players around the league, as the Broncos decided to turn away not only from their adopted OK, but possibly from the organization.

We now have more space issues we had yesterday. In one group, MRR employees discussed QB's potential for Kubiak's offense. Many options were considered, including the idea of ​​Case Keenum ̵

1; knowing the system; caught up with Joe Flacco – familiar with the system; or drawing Drew Lock, which John Elway and Kubes evidently love. Since the Shanahan / Kubiak system will almost certainly not be in use, who will be quarterback for the Denver Broncos in 2019 and beyond?

Until an offensive coordinator is hired, it's almost impossible to speculate, but hey It's the offseason and guessing and forecasting makes this season so enjoyable.

Fangio has already come forward to interview the 49ers QB coach Rich Scangarello, but the move has been blocked by San Francisco. The Broncos are reportedly not giving up yet and it's something we need to keep an eye on in the coming days.

The only thing that seems to be fully resolved by this whole situation is that Vic Fangio decides who will train and play for this team in 2019. Elway has given him full control – something he never seemed to do with Vance Joseph – and we can now try to guess the future of the Broncos from the eyes of the "evil genius".

Trainers are – and that's right – susceptible to hiring people they already know and feel comfortable with. This is obviously one of the main reasons why Kubiak left the team – because he wanted to bring along his buddies (Rick Dennison, etc.), and Elway and Fangio had none of this. Obviously, Gary Kubiak is not the only coach to act that way and our new head coach will undoubtedly act in the same way, at least to a small extent.

This of course forces us to think again about the possibilities at QB and with which players Fangio is already familiar and familiar. Where has he achieved success in this position over the last 10 years? Could he possibly pursue one of these players?

His recent close up and personal view of a QB is Mitch Trubisky in Chicago. Trubisky is a young man with a cheap contract that is not conspicuous but just good enough to help his team play with a great defense and win games. This is obviously a strategy that the coach of Broncos could pursue – a rookie quarterback for a favorable contract. The question of who they could design with Pickup # 10 in the 2019 draft is another time, but for now we'll say it's Drew Lock of Missouri, as we know there was interest from Elway The problem of bringing along a guy like Lock, as we've seen throughout the league history – including this season for the Cardinals, Jets and Bills – is that Rookie QBs are rare in their first season or even their first seasons are successful. For a 60-year-old coach and a GM / CEO with expiring contracts (2021), the strategy of rebuilding for the future and losing 2019 is certainly not an option. It's possible that Elway and Fangio consider Drew Lock to be a safe bet and a guy they want to feel comfortable at # 10, but right now we assume they do not think that's the case.

If you design someone who wants to win immediately, what options do you have? Who knows the new head coach especially? There are not many in the NFL, so we'll add an extra man to have only three options.

Option # 1 Case Keenum

Keenum is a guy Fangio does not actually have He was in a locker room with up to this point in his career, but he's an obvious choice since he's for the season 2019 is under contract and the current QB for the Denver Broncos. Not much has been said about this option since Keenum was written about Ad Nauseam and in a negative area since he was signed last season. With relative confidence, we can say that if the Broncos want to win and win big in 2019, they'll probably look elsewhere for their type.

Option # 2 Joe Flacco

The tall, former Baltimore QB is a player who was already in the rumor mill in 2019 to occupy that position for the Broncos. He is very experienced, is a Super Bowl MVP and has several years of personal history with Fangio. Of course, the two focused on different sides of the ball, but Fangio saw Flacco up close after Flacco was drafted in 2008 and Fangio served in several positions in the defense of Ravens from 2006 to 2009. [19659017] Flacco is another QB, much like Keenum, who is not particularly popular with most Denver fans. From his personal history with the team to his generally poor playoff outside the 2013 playoffs, he has not earned much favor from this fanbase. Nevertheless, he has some arm talent, extensive experience, an acquisition "Win Now" and a story with Fangio.

Option # 3 Colin Kaepernick

Apart from politics and personal views, Kaepernick actually makes a lot of sense to be the next QB for the Denver Broncos. Of course, he has not played since 2016, and his statistics in recent seasons are at the level of Trevor Siemien and Brock Osweiler. However, one can certainly point out that coaching is a potential key to its lack of success. The San Francisco disaster of 2015-16, after Jim Tomsula followed by Chip Kelly completely derided the NFL head training position, must play a role in assessing Kaep's recent seasons.

The polarizing QB is still 31 years old and was once considered the "Future of the NFL". Although his weaknesses, not knowing when to throw away the ball and not being a very good passer-by, have been exploited. In his last seasons he has an undeniable talent and a rocket. If he has kept himself in football form and can prove that he is a good leader and a solid dressing room presence, why should not he give him one last chance? Sign it for a cheap contract and give it a shot. If it fails, start again in 2020 with a young QB from a good design class.

Fangio has seen what Kaepernick can do and as a strong, confident head coach he should at least consider going all-in with Kaep for the 2019 Denver Broncos.

What do you think?


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    Joe Flacco

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    Colin Kaepernick

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    Each other

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