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Couple says they are hidden in smoke detector of Airbnb in Ireland

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By Ali Gostanian and Suzanne Ciechalski

A New Zealand couple on a family trip to Europe at Airbnb in Ireland March ̵

1; a hidden camera was livestreaming their family.

Andrew Barker, 48, at IT security consultant, was scanning the Wi-Fi network at the property

he was able to find a livestream from the camera on the host's network, which was on the same Wi-Fi network Barker said.

"I could see the live video of myself looking at his phone," Nealie Barker, 42, said. "I've had this horrible, sinking feeling … We're definitely being watched."

The couple are watching the camera four children and niece, Airbnb said, "Airbnb had no advice on the phone," Nealie Barker told NBC News the situation.

Feeling airbnb unhelpful, they called the host themselves. "Well then why I am [looking] at a livestream of myself?

"We totally lost his trust at this point," Nealie Barker said.

The family soon found other accommodations few weeks later, they learned Airbnb exonerated the host, saying there was no pro of their claims.

Then on April 5, Airbnb said they were re-investigating the claim and the host was removed from the platform.

In a statement, Airbnb

The Barkers, who saved for 10 years to make the 14-month

"We've had a lot of great experiences," Nealie Barker said.

Now, when they stay at Airbnb, they look for hidden cameras and scan the Wi-Fi network.

"We will not be happy until there's any real policy change in how they deal with [situations like] this," she said.

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