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Court decides in favor of the British Airways Pilots Union

A few weeks ago I wrote about how the talks between the management of British Airways and its aviation union over a new treaty collapsed. Management has offered the pilot a 11.5% salary increase over a three-year period, although the pilots say they expect more of their share of British Airways' record profitability.

British Airways pilots voted on industrial action on whether to strike or not, and that ballot ended yesterday. British Airways pilots overwhelmingly voted in favor of industrial action – 93% voted for industrial action based on a 90% turnout.

However, British Airways is not satisfied with the results, and today they went to the High Court to seek an injunction against BALPA alleging that the union had not been properly elected.

It seems to me that management is petty and just hopes to put off a possible strike as much as possible. Since 93% of the pilots have voted for industrial action, we all know how the pilots feel. Anyway, there is an update on this front.

Judicial Rules in favor of the Trade Union

The judge in charge of the case has today stated that the BALPA was elected correctly and therefore the vote could exist.

British Airways now goes to the appeals court to appeal the decision of the High Court, and it is expected that this will be the case either on Friday or on Monday.

BALPA Secretary-General Brian Strutton said the following:

"Although we are satisfied with the judge's decision, we are frustrated that time has been wasted. BA could have spent that time getting back to the negotiating table rather than trying – and not trying – to bring us into legal trouble. As a result, it is now likely that the talks scheduled for Friday with ACAS will have to be postponed.

We ask the BA to think carefully about why 93% of our members take strike action so seriously.

The company itself has admitted that even a day's strike would cost more than what our pilots demand, so the ball is really in their playing field to look after their pilots and ensure the busy crowd continues on their vacation as planned.

Although for legal reasons, we have not yet set strike dates to give BA the last chance to sign up to negotiate with us for the pay and reward of pilots at ACAS later this week.

British Airways Management issued the following statement: [19659011] "We are very disappointed with today's decision. We will continue to go all the way to protect the holidays of thousands of our customers this summer. Our proposed pay offer of 11.5% over three years is fair.

When could British Airways pilots strike?

The union must announce a strike 14 days in advance, assuming they are waiting for an (allegedly failed) protest A strike could start as early as two weeks from this Friday or next Monday. If this is indeed the case, we consider August 9th or 12th as the first strike dates.

Hopefully management and union can reach an agreement, because a strike would be a loss-loss …

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