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Coworking Comparison – How To Find The Right Coworking Space For Your Business



Coworking spaces are quickly becoming the norm for small to medium-sized businesses in New Zealand, with more businesses realising the benefits that shared office space can provide. From keeping your business costs down to networking with other people in your industry and having a positive, productive environment to operate your business from, coworking has a lot to offer businesses. However, with the popularity of coworking growing in New Zealand, more providers are coming into the market and it’s crucial that you do your research before choosing a coworking space for your business. 


When doing a coworking comparison in New Zealand you’ll quickly see that different providers have different services and packages on offer. Consider the unique needs of your business is the perfect place to start when starting the search for a suitable space for your business. Premium coworking providers offer facilities with reliable high-speed Wi-Fi, IT support when you need it and even secretaries to help you if you are particularly busy. Perhaps you need easy access to printing facilities for your business. If so, you need to look for a coworking space that will allow you to print from every desk in the space. Whatever requirements you might have, you need to consider your business needs carefully to ensure you find the right coworking space.

 Continue reading to learn how you can find the right coworking space for your business in New Zealand. 

 Consider Where You Want To Be Located

 Firstly, to narrow down your choices, consider where exactly you want to be located. Different cities and locations will offer different facilities and different opportunities for your business. For example, Auckland is a great city to live and work in and with its excellent work-life balance, it has been steadily growing in popularity. On the other hand, Wellington is touted as one of the best locations for startups, making it a great option for new businesses. 

 Once you have chosen the right city, you need to look at the coworking spaces that are available. Premium provides will be located in the heart of the CBD, offering you the opportunity to be right in the centre of the business community. With a prestigious location, your business will be able to thrive and grow. 

 Compare What’s On Offer

 One of the most important things in choosing a provider is going to be what facilities and opportunities they can offer you. Whether this is going to be access to the most prestigious locations or the use of state-of-the-art technology that you just can’t afford on your own, you need to look into their offerings before you make a decision. In the modern business landscape, it’s crucial that you have access to reliable high-speed Wi-Fi and that you have the support you need form the coworking provider to run your business efficiently. 

 Coworking spaces are also great places to network, so look for spaces that offer community meetups and events so that you can connect with other people in the space with ease and build meaningful business relationships

 Think About The Cost

 As with all business decision, it’s crucial that you consider the costs associated with the space. Look for a provider that does not have any long-term contract and offers good value for money. Take some time to weigh up what you are getting in exchange for the fee. Wit ha premium provider, you get a lot more bang for your buck as you are located in a prestigious location, you have more opportunities for networking and premium providers have a large global network of other like-minded people that you can access to help to grow your network over time. 

 Choose Right For You And Your Business

 When you’re choosing a coworking space for your business in New Zealand, you need to take your time, do your research and find a space that meets your needs. Start by assessing your own business and what your unique needs are. Once you know what you need and where you want to be located, both nationally and then locally, you will be in a better position to find a space that meets your requirements. With the right coworking space at your disposal, the opportunities to grow and expand your business in New Zealand will be endless.