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CPS strike updates: Mayor Lori Lightfoot asks Chicago Teacher's Union to come to terms with compromise on the day they say they will not accept 'unilateral demands'

Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Thursday morning she is now ready to compromise on the job -or-leave-it demand, "Lightfoot said.

Lightfoot said they would not make a strike on the strike.

The mayor said she does not accept the union's "unilateral demand" but is ready to talk to the end strike.

CPS CEO Janice Jackson said it would be impossible to make any plans to break up any family plans.

Union President Jesse Sharkey tweeted late Wednesday that return-to-work provisions were always

Striking teachers held a rally at City Hall Thursday morning, refusing to return to classrooms despite a tentative agreement on

The last-minute issue came just before the CTU's House of Delegates voted 364 to 242 meets many of the teachers' demands, including enforceable class size caps and a nurse and social worker in every school. The proposal guarantees all CTU members a 16% raise over the life of the contract.

Before taking effect, the deal must be ratified by rank-and-file union members. 10 days after the strike is over. They are compensated for the days they walked out.

Here are the latest updates on the 11th day of the teachers strike

10:30 am: CTU president says he's ready to talk to mayor

CTU president Jesse Sharkey has said he does not want to extend his sentence.

"I'm going to try to talk to the mayor," he said.

The crowd of teachers chanted CTU as he walked away. – Elvia Malagon

10:20 am: 'You have to stand for something'

Crystal Mallory, a special education teacher on the South Side, said: "What do you think?" rally at City Hall Thursday morning.

She's the only special education teacher at her school.

Bundled up in layers as snow fell on a crowd of teachers. She estimates one-third of her income goes back to students, buying them supplies and other things.

"You have to stand for something," she said. "Elf Malagon

9:56 am: Lightfoot asks for union to compromise." – And I have a choice Mayor Lori Lightfoot

Mayor Lori Lightfoot says she is now ready to compromise on school.

Lightfoot previously said she would not make the strike. But she would be willing to negotiate with the union. – Gregory Pratt

9:12 am: Why the Chicago Teachers Union walkout is still going

Fifteen days after Chicago Public Schools teachers went off the job, the city and the teachers find themselves at a vexing and rather paradoxical point: They have a deal to end the strike, and yet the strike is not over. Here's why.

8:30 am: Teacher's Union says it all

As Mayor Lori Lightfoot continues to stand with the Chicago Teachers Union, CTU alls and the protest union outside Lightfoot's office later this morning .

The Illinois Federation of Teachers also released what the organization said 35 years ago on 107 IFT Strikes that shows the average days teachers lost was 2.2 out of 8.55 on strike – 75 percent of days were made up by school districts

President Dan Montgomery said in a statement "It's common practice in Illinois for teachers to make a strike after a strike."

Back in the 1970s, school districts would not times have changed, "Montgomery said.

" Our communities have rejected that philosophy, "Montgomery said. – Greg Pratt

Tentative agreement details:

One of the bigger wins for the city was a five-year contract. The union has wanted a three-year deal, and so did not win.

Here are some other details. Under the tentative agreement, the district would:

  • Put at least one full-time nurse and social worker in every school by July 2023. Includes phased-in hiring at least 250 nurses and 209 social workers.
  • Spend $ 500,000
  • Reduce the ratio of students to various clinician positions and reduce clinician workloads.
  • Commit to get to one's parents and one-to-one case-by-case case manager with 50+ students on IEPS, up to 2.5 for schools with 300 or more such students.
  • Increase staffing levels of English Language Program Coordinators starting with a half-time co-ordinator with 20 to 150 00 or more.
  • Establishing a joint staffing committee on equity, which in part would oversee the hiring of 30 additional positions for the 120 highest need schools.
  • Increase spending on coaching stipends and new resources for athletics. The Sports Committee would have an annual budget of $ 5 million, a 33 percent increase in annual funding, according to the CTU.

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