Former Brewery Owner and MLB Commissioner emeritus Bud Selig debated on Friday the ALCS 1982, his Brewers Roots, the Roots, Uecker and Brewers fever.
JR Radcliffe, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Milwaukee Brewers Manager [19459037CraigCounsell said on Friday afternoon that Miller Park's home team could help arouse the team's slumbering offense, which has brought them to the brink of elimination to enter Game 6 of the NLCS.

"I think our crowd is a big part of this game tonight," Counsell said in a pre-game media meeting. "One of the things that I thought we had problems at Dodger Stadium is that we could not put much pressure on their pitching."

"Hopefully the crowd can help with that. If we get rallies, it can increase the pressure. So, if anything, the local crowd does not make you any more nervous.

"It helps you, and hopefully this is a home crowd to help you a bit."

Counsell's words proved prophetic when the sell-out meeting publicized their presence before the first litter

The first indication of how pompous Brewers fans were was in foreplay, as Dodgers Shortstop Manny Machado was introduced. He may have heard boos like no other player ever in Miller Park when he forced Jesus Aguilar in Game 4 at Dodger Stadium [1759008]. [1759008] Machado – who was also involved in a couple hard slipped in Orlando Arcia when the series was played in Los Angeles – was convicted of Major League Baseball $ 10,000 for his misdeeds.

But Milwaukee fans wanted to make sure his eardrum paid tribute as he heard more boos he went to the plate for his first at-bat.

He then struck out and garnered gigantic applause.

Before the game, Counsell was asked if he was still a child of Whitefish Bay, who participated in Game 6, how he would greet Machado.

"I would cheer on my own team, yes," Counsell said with a laugh. "I guess some other people will not support this view, but I would cheer for my own people, yes, that's a good question, that's really true."

The cheers after Machado's impact grew louder in the lower part of the first innings as the Brewers staged a big foursome rally against the Dodgers starter Hyun-Jin Ryu to get a 4: 1 To achieve leadership. Ryan Braun's 's RBI double in the second raised Milwaukee led to 5-1.

Then, in the middle of the third inning, Counsell's pre-game comments were televised in the Miller Park Gazette, earning yet a nice response from a crowd that very clearly did everything to insure a Game 7 on Saturday night ,

Old Reliable: How is the Standard Operating Procedure, Scheduled Game 7 Starters Jhoulys Chacín met on Friday afternoon before Game 6 with the media.

The right-handed man was in a good mood and laughed when he was jokingly asked if he would give a hint on the first inning Friday Counsell Wade Miley a batter in Game 5 and replace him with Brandon Woodruff

"Maybe," he said. "Nobody knows."

Jokes aside, Chacín was in an unusual position. Not only did he know at the time if there would be a Game 7 at all, there was also the possibility that he would be used in Game 6 if Miley had made an earlier effort.

Before Game 5, outside thinking, Miley would make a traditional start and Chacín would then start Game 6 on a three day break. He also started Game 2 of the National League Division Series after three days break after the 163 game against the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field.

In his 10th year in the major leagues, Chacín has from the beginning said his time with the Brewers – he signed a two-year, $ 15.5 million Free Agent contract on December 21 – was the potential of pitching For the first time in the postseason, one important reason why he chose Milwaukee.

"It would be an honor for me to throw in Game 7," said Chacín, who has thrown 10 1/3 shutout innings in two postseason starts. "I think it's much more than what I dreamed of, and just thinking about it, it just blows me away."

"And I really do not think about tomorrow; I think about today. You never know if I'm standing today. I do not know if I'm standing today. I just want to wait for tomorrow and see how I'm doing and see how it all comes together.

"Pitching in October is something I can not explain, but as I said, we just want to win today and then think about tomorrow."

During Chacín's 15: 8 record victory, 3.50 earned a median run and 192 2/3 innings made him the undisputed starter No. 1 of the team in the regular season, kicking off his 35-year major league lead was a source of pride for the 30-year-old Venezuelan.

"I'm fine, I think at the moment you really do not feel the fatigue or anything like that," he said. "You just want to win and keep going."

"I think I could stay healthy because all the guys in the clubhouse help me – the coaches, the strength coaches and everyone helped me keep my shoulder and back healthy.

"I try to start from the beginning, all the routine between to keep me healthy, just to go through the season and now to the playoffs, I think they helped a lot, that's why I was that

Baseball's Spying Game

Following a report in The Athletic that the Brewers had concerns about the Dodgers using video to steal characters from the Catcher, Counsell was asked if the team was safe needed from MLB or stadium security that no spying took place at Miller Park.

"No, I really do not," he said. "It's part of the regular season and part of the playoffs, it's always something you need to keep in mind, but I do not feel like we're going to do anything else."

"I think the league has taken steps to highlighting the importance of how seriously they take the subject. "

Spying on baseball became a topic of discussion recently when the Boston Red Sox accused a Houston Astros associate to it during the ALC's Boston Dugout There was a report that the Cleveland Indians had similar concerns during the NLDS against the Astros.

MLB issued a statement on Wednesday that the Astros had no rules regarding spying on the Red Sox or similar injured crew MLB also said the Astros were not the only crew accused of spying in connection with cursing signs:

"Da The Commissioner's office reinforced the existing rules with all playoff clubs and took proactive measures, including the introduction of a new ban on the use of certain stadium cameras, increasing the presence of operations and security personnel of major league baseball in all the season's matches and establishment a program for monitoring video rooms of the club.

The Brewers returned from Los Angeles around 5:00 pm Thursday, after the team's 12-game winning streak, which was achieved in Game 1 of the NLCS, took some time for the Hamburg Giveaway from the restaurants of George Webb.

Counsell did not eat free food, but said, "I've seen a report about it. As I said, when it happened, it got a lot of people free hamburger.

"Well, that was the most important thing on the 12th win. It was not the win in Game 1, it was that we got a lot of people free hamburgers."

Counsell of course joked, but said that Burger-Giveaway would always be part of the team's amazing run, which carried near the end of the season and into the playoffs.

"For me it's just another piece on this entertaining journey that we have, it will be part of folklore as we look back on it, it's another way to remember it."