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Craig Coyne, Barbara Bush's Husband: 5 Facts

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Craig Coyne married former First Daughter Barbara Pierce Bush on October 7, 2018. Bush, 36, has always kept her private life out of public limelight and her relationship has been no exception. She and Coyne made the knot after less than a year of dating.

One of the top-class people to wish the couple congratulations was Ivanka Trump, who wrote on Twitter, "I wish you both a lifetime of love and laughter!" 19659005] You must know the following:

1. Craig Coyne & Barbara Bush Committed to a Small, Very Private Ceremony in Kennebunkport, Maine, on the Bush Family Property

Only 20 family members were present for the wedding, according to People. President George W. Bush accompanied his daughter down the hall. Barbara's sister, Jenna Bush Hager, was the mother of honor. Hager's daughters and Coyne's niece served as flower girls. Three-year-old Poppy Hager also wore the rings. Coyne's brother, Edward Coyne III, was the best man. Dorothy Bush Cook, Barbara's Aunt, officiated

The wedding was held in Kennebunkport, Maine. The ceremony was supposed to look like the ocean in the backyard. Hager told TODAY that Barbara and Craig chose the location because their grandfather, George H.W. Bush, lives. "It was a very secret wedding, a bit like my elusive sister, but also just a family in a place that means family love and it was just beautiful."

Barbara's father called his new son-in-law on October 8th publicly welcome an Instagram post to the family. The former president wrote, "Barbara is named after a unique and strong woman – and rightly so, because she is unique and strong. @Laurawbush and I are so proud of our compassionate, courageous, wild, friendly, intelligent, affectionate daughter. And we are happy to welcome Craig Coyne to our family 1965 "

2. Coyne suggested Bush at the same spot where her grandfather had asked the question to her grandmother

Craig Coyne and Barbara Bush were introduced by mutual friends in November 2017. She lived in Manhattan and Coyne lived in Los Angeles. And Bush frequently travels to Global Health Corps, a non-profit organization she co-founded in 2008.

But despite the distance, the couple was hired to work the relationship. In August 2018, while traveling to Kennebunkport, Coyne surprised Bush by dropping to one knee. Coyne had selected the spot where George H.W. Bush had asked Barbara to marry him in August 1943. (The younger Barbara was named after her grandmother. Her middle name, Pierce, was her grandmother's maiden name.)

The couple decided against waiting. They were engaged for only five weeks before becoming husband and wife. As mentioned above, they decided to marry in Maine because George H.W. Bush lives.

The family matriarch died at the age of 92 in April, but the younger Barbara Bush made sure that her grandmother was present for the big day. She decided to wear a bracelet that her grandfather Barbara had given on her 70th wedding anniversary.

Jenna Bush Hager reveals TODAY that referring to the relationship of her grandparents in her speech as the Lady of Honor. "I actually ended up with a letter my grandfather wrote to my grandmother because I searched all the romantics and Shakespeare just did not do it, he sat right next to me when I read it."

3. Craig Coyne is a Georgia native, lives in Los Angeles and now moves to New York to be with his wife

Craig Coyne is 37 years old and is originally from Georgia. His biography Independent Talent describes him as a "small town in the south". His parents are Darlene and Edward James Coyne, Jr.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Coyne attended Pope High School. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the school is located in East Cobb, a suburb of Atlanta, about 20 miles north of the city center.

Coyne attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville.

. 4 Coyne gained his first active role in Jarhead & 2005 and now focuses on scriptwriting

Craig Coyne was introduced to Hollywood when he entered the Cinemas came to the 2005 film Jarhead alongside stars like Jake Gyllenhaal and Jamie Foxx. Coyne played the role of "Young Mr. Swofford" in the war drama.

Coyne was released in 2009 in the comedy I hope they serve beer in hell He played a character named Logan. According to IMDB.com, Coyne scenes have been deleted from the final version. But a clip of one of his scenes was released on Youtube in 2011 (see above).

Coyne's other actors include the 2012 film Look at Me and the Youtube series Lonelygirl15, the first of its kind for the video site.

Coyne now focuses on development and script. His agency describes him as a comedy writer. One of the projects listed was a live action show called Doin & # 39; Good for Comedy Central.

. 5 Craig Coyne received some experience in politics as a high school student

Craig Coyne spent some time in Washington, DC, before his future wife moved to the White House. His biography states that he has worked as page in the US House of Representatives.

The internship program was open to high school students. The pages were typically responsible for administrative tasks. The historian's office describes the program: "For more than two centuries, young people have served as pages in the US House of Representatives and had an unprecedented opportunity to observe and participate in the legislative process in People's House." [19659005] The page program ended in 2011.

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