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Cramer disassembles the largest profit shares from Trump's tariff delay

Apple is the biggest beneficiary of the tariff delay of President Donald Trump, CNBC's Jim Cramer said Tuesday.

The technology giants' iPhones and laptops are assembled in the country and have a 10% duty for shipment to America. These costs could have been passed on to consumers.

Trump decided on Tuesday to reduce the amount of duties on goods from China.

"This is a home game for Apple, big profits," said the host of "Mad Money". "Apple has been an absolute focus in the White House because they are located between the two countries, and they have created a whole ecosystem of software creation in both countries."

So Cramer needs to understand which companies really benefit from the tariff delay, and find ways to buy stock in a retreat. Trump threatened to impose another 1

0% duty on September 1 for the remaining $ 300 billion in untaxed Chinese imports. He announced that he would keep new taxes on some imports until 15 December.

Also, many Apple suppliers are taking a break as part of Trump's action, Cramer said. He pointed out that Skyworks Solutions, Texas Instruments and Micron Technology were the winners as tensions escalated. Skyworks and Texas Instruments even gained 2.83% on Tuesday, while Micron Technology gained nearly 5%.

The organizer also said that the tariff stay benefits its so-called WATCH group, which includes Walmart, Amazon, Target's large retailers, Costco and Home Depot, which sell a large amount of Chinese products.

"Without the execution ban, these companies might have a hard holiday season behind them," said Cramer. "At least their margins would have been diminished by the tariffs."

Other shares that Cramer recognized among the winners are Best Buy and Hasbro, which are trying to relocate their toy manufacturing out of China.

"With regard to the trade war, the hawks point out that this is only a delay and the pigeons say it is a real thaw," Cramer said. "I think the truth is somewhere in between."

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Disclosure: Cramer's charitable trust owns shares in Apple, Amazon and Home Depot.

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