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Crazy Giants rally was reversed by A & # 39; s walk-off in the 11th round

OAKLAND – For the first time since April 16, 2015, Madison Bumgarner has not completed five innings. He was not hurt. He was not really rocked either. He was just losing the batting zone during a strange sequence that he too could not really explain after thinking about it for a few hours.

Bumgarner went five of the last seven battles he faced, including four out of five in the fifth inning, and Bruce Bochy had no choice but to come out and get his ace. The Giants would continue to lose 4-3 in the 11th inning, but they probably did not even expect them to be there for so long, considering how the fifth unfolded.

Bumgarner had gone two battles with the bases loaded in all his takeoffs before this. He went back to back with the bases that were loaded in the fifth. Sam Dyson took him out of the traffic jam, but enough damage had been done that the Giants could not make it in nine innings, though they allowed only two hits at that time.

When asked if he felt as good as he looked, Bumgarner stopped.

"Yes and no, I think," he said. "The first four innings I drove, pretty much In the fifth I could not find the zone I tried to throw strikes I did not try to get into the corner … It was a weird situation that you've lost your sense for a minute. "

Bumgarner is insane about his mechanics, and he says he's already shut out everything there. His speed was okay, so there was little reason to worry about the bigger picture. It was just a strange circuit.

"That's not like Bum," Bochy said. "But it happens occasionally."

A night like this had never happened to Bumgarner before. He went up a career six doughs. Bumgarner was not particularly keen right from the start and missed his points even on blows that were called blows. Several others came from the corners into the heart of the plate, but he escaped the disaster until the fifth.

A walk by Matt Olson and Matt Chapman's Bloopsingle to bring the A & # 39; s into business. Bumgarner charged the bases by going to Chad Pinder. The bullpen did not move, but a few moments later it was action. Bumgarner went 3: 2 against Josh Phegley and missed only with a fastball inside. Dyson started to warm up. Bumgarner then went 3-2 on Marcus Semien and missed out with a cutter out there that never scared the record. Dyson took over from there.

"I just lost the feeling there in the fifth," said Bumgarner. "I just could not throw strikes, that's it."

That meant he could not stay as long as he usually does. Bumgarner had completed five innings in a franchise record of 89 consecutive launches. That was the longest active series in the big leagues. He reacted harshly a few weeks ago when a reporter mentioned records. This time he admitted that this particular run meant something, if only because of what he represented.

"The whole idea goes into the games," he said.

For once Bumgarner was unable to do so.

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