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Cricket: Apologetic Warner resigned, never to play for Australia again

SYDNEY (Reuters) – A desperate David Warner apologized on Saturday for his role in the scandal over Cape Verde's ball misappropriation attempt and said he was back with the prospect of never again playing cricket for Australia after his 12-month ban.

Vice Captain David Warner of the Australian National Cricket Team during a press conference in the office of Cricket NSW, Sydney, Australia, March 31
, 2018. AAP / Ben Rushton / via REUTERS

In a fourth highly emotional media conference in three days With the Australian Cricket Team, the former vice-captain struggled to hold back tears when he read a prepared statement stating that his actions were "inexcusable."

"There is a tiny glimmer of hope that one day I will have the privilege of playing for my country again, but I have resigned myself to the fact that this may never happen again," said the 31-year-old with an ashen face told reporters on the Sydney Cricket Ground.

"In the coming weeks and months, I will look at how it came to be and who I am as a man, I will seek advice and expertise to help me make serious changes."

Former Captain Steve Smith, who gave his own emotional media conference on Thursday, also received a year ban and batsman Cameron Bancroft was suspended for nine months on Saturday's incident that shook Australia.

Also coach Darren Lehmann was moved to tears when he announced on Thursday that he would give up because of the scandal after the South Africa series.

Warner, who has already lost millions of dollars in contracts after the fraud was discovered, said cricket's withdrawal was one of the options he would "balance" with his family.

Watching with his wife Candice, also in tears, in the auditorium, Warner said he was not shocked by what former Australian bowler Shane Warne called "hysteria" surrounding the case.

Former Australian Cricket Team Captain David Warner at a press conference at the Cricket NSW office, Sydney, Australia, March 31, 2018. AAP / Ben Rushton / via REUTERS

"We have failed our countries," he said said. "We made a bad decision, I played my role in that."

"It's really hard to sit here today to meet and see my friends and family playing in South Africa in this fourth test,

Warner was identified by a Cricket Australia investigation as the prime instigator of the plan to wear the ball with sandpaper during the third test against South Africa last week.

Questions about his role In the ball manipulation, Warner responded with an apparently prepared line about assuming "full responsibility for the role I played in it."

After Smith apparently was on his way to salvation after his press conference, Bancroft was the junior player seduced by the vice-captain Warner was asked if he had been scapegoated for the affair.

A long one Pause followed as he looked up and seemed to look at his answer before answering again with the red line.

Former Australian Cricket Team vice-captain David Warner arrives at Sydney International Airport, Australia on March 29, 2018 with his wife Candice and their children. Recording from March 29, 2018. AAP / David Moir / via REUTERS

As I said, "he said," I'm here to talk about myself and take responsibility for the role I played here have. "

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