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Cricket World Cup: Everything you need to know about Lords and a few more

OPINION: Lord & # 39; s, ah Lord's, the name is synonymous with cricket; the Taj Mahal of the grassy game, its Coliseum.

For cricket tragedians and players alike, Lord's Mecca is Bethlehem, it is Varanasi and the holy Ganges; A shrine where pastures on leather are appreciated.

Nestled in the green heart of London, just 800 meters from the pedestrian crossing Abbey Road, famous for the Beatles. Lord & # 39; s ̵

1; the world's first purpose built cricket pitch – abounds in history and tradition.

  Recreated by the International Cricket Council for the semifinals, the Beatles' famous Abbey Road photo. Abbey Road is about 800 meters from Lord's.


Reproduced by the International Cricket Council for the semifinals, the famous Abbey Road photo of The Beatles. Abbey Road is approximately 800 meters from Lord's.

On Sunday, the Black Caps meet England there to contest the World Cup and add a touch of Monteith beer to the Champagne Quaffing story.

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  Welcome to Lords, few would deal with this assertion.


Welcome to Lords, few would argue with this claim. With a century or five-door train on the sloping surface, it is akin to entering the Cricket Hall of Fame.

On this list is the New Zealand all-rounder and former captain Dion Nash, who scored 50 and 50 points there grabbed 1994 1994 10 wickets against England.

  Kiwi all-rounder Dion Nash joins the Lord's Honors Board.


Kiwi rounder Dion Nash joins the Lord's Honors Board.

Nash says he is not a cricket historian, but he has been denied Lord's idea was just another reason within one or two steps.

"There's no chance that it's just another reason, as soon as you step through the gilded gates, you're in another dimension," he says.

"It's so rich in heritage and it drips away with the play in all the senses." The crowd sits in silence, so you can hear their feet mingling.

"You can hear shots echoing from the bat. It's all these things, it's a special place. "

Nash was imbued with his 1994 exploits in gold leaf of Lord's – one of the many traditions that make it a cricket nirvana.

He believes That the sides lift to play there, making it more difficult for England, whose lunchtime record at Lord's is the worst of all venues at home.

"It's more like being yourself It is a special place and you know it. I always think it has an impact on everyone else, so it's a tougher place for England to play. "

  Eyes on the Price: New Zealand plays for Lord & # 39; s on Sunday night (NZT) for cricket


Eyes on the Price: New Zealand plays for Lord & # 39; s Sunday Night Cricket Sunday (NZT) on Sunday night.

Lord & # 39; s recently celebrated its 200th. Birthday at the same place – his third home – and proclamation ms itself the "home of the cricket."

At home, it is more on the bizarre side of the historic cottage than on the Melbourne Cricket Ground, a cavernous stadium that has more than 100,000 Seating is similar to a modern mansion.

] The MCG was described as "too big" for the Black Caps of the final 2015. Lords has a larger surface area, but the side boundaries are much shorter.

Lords seats around 30,000. W If you were home, you would quickly take a look at the piles as they tilt 2.5 meters from one end to the other.

Then let's look at Lords before the most important game in New Zealand cricket history. [19659002] It's named after the English upper class, right?

They played and failed there. It is named after architect and builder Thomas Lord, who played top cricket for Middlesex and Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) at the end of the 18th century. At the nearby St John's Wood subway station, there is a tile of his face, and his portrait surrounds you like a cordon in the nearby Lord's Tavern.

Tell me more about the slope than

Due to the gradient bowlers are often more effective at one end than at the other. If you're a seam bowler, choose the Pavilion End. If you're on the swing, you'd rather run away from Nursery End. The gradient affects the way the ball bounces, which is more for right-handed than left-handed. The MCC has refused to flatten the ground, saying it would rule out test cricket for five years. When Lord & # 39; s was used for the 2012 Olympic Games archery contest, fears that the tilt could affect the archers proved unfounded.

Should the black cap strike or roll first?

When the sun is shining and it seems dry, bat first as it is a belt. When it's cloudy, Kane Williamson should unleash Trent Boult and his fleet bowling battalion.

Certainly England are favorites, they will know Lords Inside Out.

Not so. It's a small selection, but the Black Caps have a good international record of one day at Lord – three wins and one defeat (and a game that was abandoned without bowling). Only New Zealand, Australia and India have set a winning record there. England had 24 wins, 27 defeats, two draws and one without result.

The stands are named after famous cricketers. What about the Warner Tribune?

Do not worry It's not named after David Warner, but after former English skipper Sir Pelham Warner, better known as Plum or "The Grand Old Man". Plum made it to Australia with the English team "Bodyline", was chairman of the English selection and became a cricket author. Denis Compton, Bill Edrich, and Sir George Oswald Browning "Gubby" Allen has named stalls after them – and no, it's not Gubby Stand.

  This spaceship is the media center.


This spaceship is the media center.

What is this spaceship?

It is the media center where all television and radio commentators work alongside the print journalists. The restaurant's food is standard, with Mark Geenty of Stuff recommending the Slow Braised Cornish Lamb Caponata and the Crayfish, Black Tiger Prawn and Dorset Crab, while the afternoon cream cake is considered legendary.

Which annual match has the longest tradition at Lord?

Eton Private Schools (where Prince William and Prince Harry went) and Harrow first played for Lord in 1805, but not on today's grounds. The English poet Lord Byron played in this game as Harrow student George Byron. A rematch – the second collision – took place in 1818. Since then, two world wars and four misses in the 19th century were held annually.

  An MCC member sits at the gates of Lords carrying the famous "egg and bacon". Tie.


A member of the customer center sits at the gates of Lords wearing the famous tie "Egg and Bacon".

What else is there to see in Lord?

There is a shop (expensive) where all sorts of memorabilia are sold. A Lords Key Ring costs 13 NZ $, a Lords Heritage Magnet and a bottle opener in the shape of a cricket bat costs just 19 NZ $, a fine bone china replica Ashes Urn costs more than 100 NZ $.

  David Warner from Australia, his wife Candice Warner and their daughters Indi and Ivy celebrate with the ashes urn.


David Warner from Australia, his wife Candice Warner and their daughters Indi and Ivy celebrate with the ashes urn.

Ash Urn? Can I just go in and see a valuable piece of cricket history?

Yes, go in, no. If you're trying to roam the area – let's climb a fire escape, for example, to take a look at the ground – you'll be taken by security guards and fired quickly. You must pay 25 pounds (NZ $ 47) to attend a guided tour. You will see the pavilion, the legendary Long Room with its portraits of grilling greats, the dressing rooms, the honor panels and the MCC museum where the urn is located. And security personnel will not bother you.

  Kane Williamson, Captain of the Black Caps, in the Long Room.


Captain Kane Williamson of the Black Caps in the Long Room.

Do members have to wear a tie?

It's worse than that. Here are the official rules: Men must always wear collar shirts on the stand (even if a collar or jacket is worn over it). Pants must be tailored, although jeans is acceptable. Men wear lounge suits or tailored jackets and pants, shirts, ties or ties, as well as shoes with socks. In the Daily Telegraph, Andrew Baker once said, "If you want to show your loyalty, you must wear a tie that looks like the result of a recurring breakfast, but many accept the challenge with masochistic enthusiasm and not just tie up egg and bacon ties, but Hat ribbons, handkerchiefs and blazers designed to scare a police horse. "


Black Caps batsman Ross Taylor said the team believed they could win the semi-final against India.

Who are the Kiwis in the Honors Board?

Batsmen: Stewie Dempster, 1931; Curly Page, 1931; Martin Donnelly, 1949; Bevan Congdon, 1973; Mark Burgess, 1973; Vic Pollard, 1973; Geoff Howarth, 1978; Martin Crowe, 1986, 1994; Trevor Franklin, 1990; Matt Horne, 1999; Mark Richardson, 2004; Jacob Oram, 2008; Kane Williamson 2015.

Bowlers: Richard Hadlee, 1978, 1983, 1986; Dion Nash, 1994; Chris Cairns, 1999; Daniel Vettori, 2008; Tim Southee, 2013; Trent Boult 2015.

Can the Black Caps win the World Cup?

Yes, my God.

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