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Critical Breakthrough of Baldness Found by Scientists – The Talking Democrat

Critical breakthrough in baldness found by scientists, a revolutionary experience that could improve the lives of millions of people. After weeks of testing, US scientists recently presented a critical breakthrough on baldness at a conference on stem cell research.

To achieve a satisfactory result, the researchers created hair follicles that grow through the skin with induced human pluripotent stem cells, able to proliferate to infinity and differentiate into cell types that make up an adult organism.

In the tests, human stem cells were planted on mouse cells and glued onto tiny scaffolds to control hair growth and help them integrate skin. The scaffolds were then placed under the skin of the mice so that the hair could grow through.

"This method is revolutionary in the development of therapies based on the treatment of hair loss and represents a real breakthrough in regenerative medicine," Dr. Alexey Terskikh, associate professor at the Sanford Medical Institute.

A conclusive experience that differs from that tested in 201

5, allowing hair to grow under the skin of mice without controlling the direction of the shoot. "I look forward to ending this spectacular experience that could improve the lives of millions of people with hair loss," Dr. Richard Chaffoo.

Recognizing Baldness

Hair loss is a real plague that affects both men and women. In the United States, more than 35 million men suffer from hairlessness. However, this number could be lower if the first signs of baldness were known to all. What are you? How to recognize the beginning of baldness? Do women and men have the same symptoms?

Unlike you think, all hair loss is not the same. Before you panic about getting bald, it is important to distinguish between normal hair loss and the actual appearance of a bald head. In the first case, the phenomenon remains quite normal, the hair will fail at the end of its life and renew itself at a rate that varies from individual to individual: this is called the hair growth cycle. This hair loss will definitely occur and is only significant if it highlights another health issue.

However, when hair loss is faster than hair growth, it is called baldness or alopecia. This phenomenon can in some cases lead to partial or complete thinning. When it is caused by a hormonal imbalance, it is called androgenic baldness. Androgen baldness affects a majority of men whose proportion increases with the age of the subjects. In terms of hair loss in women, it is rather rare and often reveals other reasons than in men (autoimmune diseases, stress, pregnancy, etc.).

A diminishing hairline

Seems that your hairline is gradually waning You may be in an early stage of baldness; A receding hairline is a fairytale sign of a male bald head. It should be noted, however, that the hairline naturally decreases with age and there is no more panic with minimal recession.

Thinning Hair on the Crown

The most obvious sign of a bald head, apart from possibly a drop in hairline, is the thinning of the hair on the crown. In fact, some men will experience this before their hairline subsides. If the hair thins from day to day, while the hair on the side remains somewhat the same, you may be in an early stage of male balding.

A More Sensitive Scalp

If your scalp becomes more sensitive than usual, probably because the hair in this particular area is thinning and the scalp is prone to sunbeams and brushing. Hair loss can also cause dandruff, which makes the scalp more sensitive.
Softer and Duller Hair

Your hair has become duller and softer over the years. This could be a sign that the follicles are slowly dying off in baldness after a period of time.

Thicker Hair on the Side of the Head

As you've probably noticed, most men with bald heads lose hair in the back and top of the head retaining the back and side hairs. Thus, even a slight difference in density between the hairs on the top and the hairs on the sides and on the neck can indicate an incipient bald spot.

Onset of sunburn on the skull

With the thinning and falling of the scalp becomes prone to sunbeams and causes sunburn on the skull.
Hair loss in the bathroom

If you notice a normal amount of hair in the bathtub after showering, you may be suffering from male pattern baldness. Bear in mind, however, that hair may fail for a variety of reasons: stress, vitamin deficiencies and a host of other illnesses. If the hair loss is accompanied by some other signs that we mention in this article, this can be a cause for concern.
A longer time for styling

If you need longer to style your hair than in the past The hair could become thinner and / or your hairline could go back. On the other hand, if the other signs are present, this can be a cause for concern.

The conclusion …

Although these signs do not always point to baldness in some cases, it is very likely that you will suffer from alopecia if you end up having at least 3 of the above features.

However, there is no panic, there are currently effective remedies, medicines, surgeries, hair replacement, etc. … From the first signs it is strongly recommended to do a close examination with the camera and microfolliskop in a specialized center or doctor's office.

This very accurate diagnosis determines the type of baldness and the life expectancy of your hair to make a customized treatment or replacement.

Dealing with bald heads

Men sometimes resort to surprising remedies to deal with hair loss. The classic strategy is to make a short haircut or even shave your head like many athletes and artists do. Some opt for a headgear: hat or cap. The beret has even made a comeback. Above all, many men opt for bodybuilding in the face of hair loss. In fact, a bald head is a sign of aging. Many, therefore, decide to give their bodies a second youth to compensate for capillary loss through muscle growth.

However, dealing with baldness requires more than just hiding. When medical treatments such as medication and surgery are not possible, you can best manage hair loss by adapting emotionally to the changes. This requires an attitude, a state of mind that relies less on looks than on self-esteem.

First accept the changes

And not necessarily in solving your hair problem you will solve a malaise whose roots can be deeper! Moreover, by being committed to having hair, you justify the dictates and other beauty cannons of our society. While it's important to take care of yourself, be careful not to get into a harmful narcissistic excess. Running after your youth is doomed to failure! The first step in regaining self-esteem and being sure of its power of seduction is to accept one's own body and the changes to which it is exposed.

Do not try to hide him.

When we start losing our hair, our first reaction is to hide the receding hairline or bald spot under a cap from our friends and family. We are afraid of their opinion, their judgment about our appearance. Will you see it? What will you say? These are, of course, legitimate questions, based on a sudden change in appearance that we can sometimes feel powerless about. As mentioned above, the first and most important step in dealing with baldness is accepting the changes. And accepting it means not trying to hide it.

The truth is, you may be able to successfully hide it for a while. You will not be able to hide it forever. By using ridiculous tactics to hide the obvious, we're just fooling ourselves.

Be inspired.

There is no denying that balding can have a devastating effect on the morale of a man. Yet we have seen time and again that some of the most successful, powerful, and sought-after men in the world are baldheaded. Some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters are men with full alopecia. We can cite, among others, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Bruce Willis, Samuel Jackson, Vindiesel, Jason Stathan, etc.

Even in the sports world there is no shortage of bald men who excel in their accomplishments. Who can forget Michael Jordan's bald head? Or Kevin Garnetts? What about Zinedine Zidane, Arjen Robben, Dana White and so on?

Be inspired by the men who have taken their bald heads while remaining over-conscious and over-fulfilled. In fact, for some of these men, baldness has become their trademark; we can not imagine it any other way.

Taking control

The fear of losing hair is first and foremost a matter of appearance. However balding does not necessarily mean as much ugliness as a full head of hair is not automatically attractive. To be attractive, in fact, has more to do with self-confidence and conservation than with our annoying follicles. So you can still be as attractive as anyone else if you act like that. Take control of the situation; Be open minded, open, dress well and clean, take care of your beard and wear a beautiful perfume. Women are more attracted to these things than to our hair.

If you still need them …

However, if you have balding problems, you can contact a specialist. In fact, your doctor or pharmacist may recommend customized treatments that can prevent the fall or limit the fracture, and get you to regain your morality when you need it.

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