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Critics say that Trump has promoted the toxic environment for the political violence he has denounced

President Trump and his Republican allies, who tried to fuel public fears of Central American migrants before the midterm elections, are suddenly accused of fueling an emerging right-wing extremism that poses a far greater threat to national security. 19659002] In recent days, the murders of two African-Americans in a grocery store outside of Louisville, a series of letter bombs targeted by a dozen prominent Democrats allegedly sent by a Trump supporter and a mass shooting in a Pittsburgh synagogue, have passed

The common thread among them seems to be the orientation of certain groups on race, religion, or political beliefs.

Trump denounced the attacks and called for national unity. At a campaign in Illinois on Saturday night, Trump said that "the scourge of anti-Semitism can not be ignored, can not be tolerated, and can not be continued."

But his critics countered on Saturday that the president and the GOP, in a cynical pursuit of political power, have gone beyond party-political struggles and into complete demagogy against racial minorities, foreigners and prominent Jewish political figures

The Democratic Donor George Soros, for example, has become a major point of attack of Republican campaign advertisements from the Midterms, even after a bomb was found in his mailbox last week. Trump accuses Soros without evidence of paying protesters at his rallies.

Such rhetoric and actions have tacitly endorsed marginal elements that take violence into account, Trump's critics said.

"The numerous statements he made himself is a" nationalist ", crowds at his rallies calling for threats against George Soros ̵

1; all connected," said Cecilia Wang, deputy director of the American Civil Liberties Union.

White House employees have rejected such allegations. Trump said that the bomb suspect – Cesar Sayoc, 56, of Florida – was to be prosecuted and punished to the full extent of the law, and he called the mass shooting, which left at least 11 dead in Pittsburgh, a "wicked act of mass murder Man who has made anti-Semitic statements, according to the police. "

The alleged synagogue gunman Robert D. Bowers is suspected of covering the social media site of Gab with anti-Semitic postings.

A contribution connects the Central American Caravan – with which Trump intensifies fears of a wave of unlawful migrants – to the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, which helps refugees relocate to American communities.

"HIAS likes to bring in intruders who kill our people, I can not sit by and watch my people slaughtered, screw your optics, I'm going in," Bowers is suspected of writing hours before the authorities said He opened the fire on Tree of Life.

Since the beginning of his 2016 campaign, denouncing immigrants from Mexico as a criminal and rapist, Trump has used a language that is in tune with the nativist impulses of the electorate – to the point of being rejected by the former Ku Klux clan. Leader David Duke was supported.

In his final ad during his presidential run, Trump warned against a triumvirate of prominent Jews – Soros, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and Fed chief Janet L. Yellen – and suggested that his opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton, join them in malicious intent to partner to control the global power structure.

Last year, Trump made a far-reaching condemnation for pointing out, after a white-suprematist rally in Charlottesville during which a counter-protector was murdered, that there were "good people on both sides".

Last summer, Trump r appeared in a tweet a white-nationalist conspiracy theory that he apparently heard in Fox News that white farmers in South Africa face mass murder. The voices that "seal" Clinton and other prominent Democrats and "build the wall" to keep immigrants out have been an integral part of his campaign rallies for years.

In recent days, Trump has gone against the Central Caravan of American migrant families traveling on foot in Mexico, hundreds of miles from the southern border of the United States. The Trump government approved the deployment of 1,000 soldiers in support of border security operations, and the White House is considering a plan that will provide nationwide refusal of asylum protection based on national security concerns.

The President has proposed this without evidence Criminals and Middle East terrorists are among the migrants. He and other Republicans, including rep. Matt Gaetz (Fla.), floated a conspiracy theory that helped Soros finance the caravan.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) Posted a tweet on Tuesday warning Republicans that they were in November for financial support for Democrats from Soros, environmentalist Tom Steyer and New York businessman Michael Bloomberg , a former Republican who now supports Democrats.

We can not allow Soros, Steyer and Bloomberg to buy the election! "Wrote McCarthy." Get out and vote Republican on November 6! #MAGA. He cleared the tweet the next morning after the authorities said that Soros was targeted in the mail bombing.

A spokesperson said Wednesday that the tweet was aimed at highlighting the enormous financial clout of the men and did not tolerate violence McCarthy's office declined to comment further on Saturday.

"For the Republican Party denying that they are fueling these kinds of feelings is not credible," said Simon Rosenberg, the founder of NDN, Referring to studies that have shown a rise in US deadly attacks by white racists, Rosenberg added: "We know that there is an increase in right-wing nationalism and political parties in the United States and Europe The fuel of their rise is the fear of immigrants and people they dislike – classic xenophobia. Trump imitates everything the same.

McCarthy, ready to replace Speaker of the House Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.), If the Republicans retain control after the interim, denounces the "abominable" attack on Tree of Life Synagogue Saturday pledged to "continue to fight for a country where every religious believer can be safe under his own vine and fig tree."

Ryan described the attacks as anti-Semitic, an ideology he said was exterminating "Will not tolerate this bigotry."

But Ryan's own super-PAC has been accused of broadcasting commercials targeting Democrats in racist coded language, including a commercial featuring manipulated images of an African-American candidate in the upstate New York shows that Ryan's assistants did not comment on this story.

"The president and congressional leaders have the opportunity t to change the conversation and save lives. They could drive those from their base who are trying to win elections by inciting indignation and fear with racist attacks on immigrants or anti-Semitic "globalist" conspiracy theories, "said Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), A prominent gunman "They may demand that their supporters cool the rhetoric and stop demonizing and dehumanizing journalists or political opponents."

Trump has shown no inclination to soften the rhetoric, and he has angered at rallies in recent days the media and accused journalists of unfair reporting and "negative attacks that only serve to disperse people and undermine a healthy debate."

According to reporters, he said that, if anything, he should "polish it up." "and he opted for a campaign rally in Illinois on Saturday despite the not to reverse the developing tragedy in Pittsburgh. Trump said he was considering canceling the rally, but then "remembered" that the New York Stock Exchange opened the day after 9/11. (This is wrong, the stock market closed after the terrorist attacks for six days.)

Trump told reporters on Saturday that he was surprised that something like shooting would happen in Pittsburgh in 2018 I think that would be possible today, but we just do not seem to learn from the past, "he said.

During a rally in Charlotte on Friday, Trump dedicated portions of his remarks to fears about the migrant caravan and illegal immigration, which indicated without proof that" the Democrat Party Openly encouraging millions of illegal aliens to break our laws, violate our borders and bankrupt our country. , , , The extreme immigration policy of the Democrats will overwhelm your schools, hospitals and communities and bring public resources to their knees.

He was also pleased when he responded to plans to order an emergency order to deny migrants the asylum.

"Look what will happen next week – just wait," said Trump, applauding. " It will be exciting. It's going to be great. "

" This is the central premise of his presidency – to attack and smear immigrants and refugees, "Wang said." All the violence we see is the extreme and radical version of what he is politically president of the United States and legally enforced. "

Republican commentator Charlie Sykes, a regular Trump critic, suggested the president's focus on Saturday is misguided." Well, America, "he tweeted," maybe that's the biggest threat we face opposite, no caravan 1000 miles away. Maybe it's already there.

Paul Kane contributed to this report.

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