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Crowley and Grimm go down: Top takeaways from the primaries on Tuesday

Rep. Joe Crowley's devastating loss has led the Democratic leadership of the House to seek answers – and leftist activists focused on Bernie Sanders feel encouraged.

Fewer than 30,000 votes were cast in the Democratic primary in the 14th district of New York, but the race has already rocked the political world from Queens to Capitol Hill. Crowley, the fourth-ranked Democrat in this House, was defeated on Tuesday by a 28-year-old first-time candidate and member of the Democratic Socialists of America. The future of the House Democratic Conference is suddenly muddled and potential candidates from 2020 are already connecting with giant slayer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her liberal platform.

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This contest was perhaps the night race, but there were several other races with national implications. President Donald Trump risked significant political capital to get hold of a party for two bitter primary struggles, and Utah replied that a former presidential candidate for the big party could have a third act in politics ̵

1; in a new state.

Here are POLITICO & # 39; s top takeaways from Tuesday's primaries:

1. Liberals roared back.

The insurgent left has lost most of the battles it had won by 2018. But not on Tuesday.

Ocasio-Cortez shocked Crowley with an excitement that will echo far beyond the five districts. MoveOn.org described the result as "a shot at bowing to the democratic establishment in Washington." Democracy for America said it sends "a clear message to a Democratic Party that still needs to hear it."

But that was not the only victory for the Liberals in the primaries on Tuesday. Former President of the NAACP, Ben Jealous, won the nomination of Democrats for the Governor of Maryland and sat down with Senator Bernie Sanders last weekend, while Prince Georges County Executive Rushers Baker had most of it in his corner of the state party ,

Elsewhere in New York, a Syracuse University professor, Dana Balter, suggested a more moderate adversary, backed by the Democratic Congressional campaign, Juanita Perez Williams in a Battlefield House District. Rep. Jared Polis won the Democratic nomination for Governor in Colorado, and Joe Neguse, a preferred candidate among the Liberals, won the nomination to replace Polis in the House.

While Crowley was the only incumbent to fall, two of his New York counterparts – Representatives Yvette Clarke and Carolyn Maloney – were held below 60 percent against 30 contestants who said the progressive moment inspired their under-the-radar campaigns ,

Overall, Tuesday night was a reversal from the Close List – but no cigar congress defeats for Liberals earlier during the main season. They failed to oust Rep. Dan Lipinski, who opposes abortion rights, in Illinois. Laura Moser, who became a cause célèbre on the left after the DCCC attempt to torpedo her candidacy in a district in Houston, volatilized in a runoff last month.

These defeats are in the rearview mirror because Liberals become a a seemingly invincible incumbent – and a member of the leadership of the Democratic House – on Tuesday night

2. It was a great night for President Trump.

Trump's 11th hour drive to South Carolina for Governor Henry McMaster posed an unusual risk: the issuance of political capital by a president in a first race should not affect the party political balance of power

It was well worth it. McMaster, just two weeks away from a weak 42-percent race at a five-candidate headquarters, jumped more than 10 percentage points in Tuesday's runoff to win a decisive victory over businessman John Warren.

Trump has also cashed his other big bet: Representative Dan Donovan has easily defeated his once disgraced predecessor, former Rep. Michael Grimm, at a nationally-renowned New York GOP headquarters. Trump did not fight Donovan in Staten Island, but he told his followers on Twitter that Grimm's nomination – who had resigned after being guilty of being guilty of tax evasion – was jeopardizing his seat in the general election and Donovan would be a safer bet.

The President confirmed both men Tuesday night – on Twitter of course . He tweeted congratulations to one of his former punching bags: Mitt Romney, who made a pilgrimage to the GOP nomination for the Senate in Utah on Tuesday.

However, Trump's political instincts may have gone awry when [19659032] proposed Crowley might have been renamed, if only he had been "nicer" and "more respectful."

. 3 The End of the Urban, White, Ethnic Party Chief

Crowley is not just a 10-year member of Congress and the fourth-largest House Democrat – he is the now degraded boss of the once mighty Queens Democratic machine. 19659002] His defeat signals the demise of the white-ethnic party leader, once a familiar figure in the major cities that the national Democratic Party increasingly relies on.

When he leaves Congress at the end of the year, Crowley is replaced by Democratic Rep. Robert Brady, the retired Philadelphia mediator, who ruled against re-election under a redrewed congress card and the small matter of a criminal investigation into his 2012 campaign to pay a primary challenger to pay out of the race. (Maybe Crowley should have tried it.)

Crowley and Brady – Proud Shanty (not top curtain) Irish Pols, who represent majority minority communities – are setbacks to Richard Daley in Chicago and Carmine DeSapio in Manhattan. But Crowley's defeat goes beyond the diminished role of station masters: it also signals a departure for the old guard in various Democrat-dominated cities.

That's one reason Massachusetts Republican President Mike Capuano could be nervous. He was elected to Congress in the same year as Crowley in 1998. The semi-Irish, half-Italian Capuano represents a minority minority office in Boston and faces a senior African-American opposition major in Boston in September to city council member Ayanna Pressley.

Ocasio-Cortez already draws the parallels: Not long after she had declared victory in her own race, she tweeted her support for Pressley

4. Where do the democratic leaders of the house go from here?

Crowley responded to a question that Democrats on Capitol Hill have been asking themselves for a year: Who will direct our group in the next congress? [196592002] Apart from a massive wave of elections attracting 40 or 50 new Democrats, the days on which the leaders of the minority party Nancy Pelosi chair the conference could be over: the Democrats could move on if they did not retake the house or [19659003] A slim majority reached on the back of new members who said they intend to vote for a new leader when they came to Washington.

In front of Crowley, two members of the House Democrats Totem Pole stand: Minority Whip Steny Hoyer and Minority Leader James Clyburn. But neither Hoyer, 79, or Clyburn, who turns 78 next month, screams "Fresh Face."

Crowley, 56 years old, seemed a logical choice to lead the party in a post-Pelosi world. But he will not be an option anymore if the jockey starts after the elections. The first names that should appear for a possible promotion on Tuesday evening were Reps. Linda Sánchez (Calif.), Hakeem Jeffries (New York), Cheri Bustos (Ill.), And Ben Ray Luján (NM) [19659002] Sánchez has broken through the lead by hinting that it's time for new blood on the Heading the conference is while Luján's fate may be related to his current job: DCCC chairman accused of regaining the house in the fall.

Pelosi, Hoyer and Clyburn have emerged unscathed from their primaries, so there is no danger that they will suffer the same fate as Crowley. And if anything, its influence on the Democratic Conference is stronger as a result of Crowley's defeat. But Tuesday's results mean that there is less clarity as to when or whether Democrats could change leadership and who these new leaders could be.

. 5 The 2020 Democratic landscape gets an early definition.

Following the defeat of Eric Cantor in 2014 in a Republican primaries in Virginia, some predicted a tidal wave of anti-obsessive sentiment that would reshape the Republican Party.

The End, having lost only two other House GOP incumbents: Ralph Hall (Texas), who was 90 years old when he was narrowly defeated in a GOP Primary Graver, and Kerry Bentivolio (Mich.), The eccentric reindeer breeder whose Brother told reporters he was "mentally unbalanced."

While Republican primary voters did not sweep established members by the score, they swept Donald Trump apart during the next presidential primary, denying a dozen other candidates with Sterling political conclusions for a first candidate who appealed to their sentiments.

Against this background, Ocasio-Cortez's victory on Tuesday could be the most important moment in the race for democratic democracy in 2020. Previous nomination Crowley, a white man who began his congressional career in the late '90s as a centrist, New Democrat (though he was more reliably liberal in recent years) lost to a 28-year-old Latina – a first candidate who describes herself as a "democratic socialist" and prefers single-payer health care.

Sanders, rejected in the primaries in New York two years ago, was quick to embrace her on Tuesday night, suggesting her campaign focuses on some of the same issues he has made in 2016. The former HUD secretary Julián Castro was also quick to leave the gate, congratulate her .

. 6 It was a mixed night for the Democrats in their efforts to recapture the house.

Crowley's defeat does not affect the party's basic 2018 arithmetic: it receives 23 seats and the Democrats will regain control of the house next year.

In this measure, the Democrats had a mixed night. You have a talented candidate by a potentially sensitive primary person. In Colorado, Jason Crow, a veteran, won the nomination to compete against GOP Rep. Mike Coffman in a never-ending Battlefield district outside Denver. Crow overcame some liberal dismay after the Muckraking website The Intercept released a picture of Crows main opponent, former Obama administration president Levi Tillemann, in which Hoyer asked Tillemann to end his campaign and commit himself to Crow.

A DCCC-backed candidate stumbled upon Perez Williams, who was described by the party committee as the best challenger, was wiped out by Balter in a New York district where the Democrats hope to depose incumbent GOP MP John Katko.

Another veteran with the "Red to The Blue Mark of Approval, Max Rose, won the Democratic primary on Tuesday to face Donovan in New York, but while the Democrats expressed their confidence before the vote, whether the Seat in the game was whether Grimm won the area code, most in the party would have preferred to face an ex-con in the fall.

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