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Cruise ship MSC Opera rams tourist boat in bustling Venice Canal, four injured

Cruise ship MSC Opera crashed into the San Basilio terminal and came across a smaller tourist boat – the river countess – docked there, CNN said.

Four people suffered from "light" injuries "in the accident, it said.

The incident occurred around 8.30 am local time on the Giudecca Canal, one of the liveliest in the Italian city, which is extremely popular with tourists. [19659002VideoonTwittershowedthehugecruiseshipheadingforthedocksmallerboatoutofthewayandon-shoreescapes

"The sound of sirens and collisions is totally scary and looks like a scene from a catastrophe movie", wrote Twitter user Tancredi Palmeri, who posted a video of the dramatic collision.

Cruise ship operator MSC Cruises said in a statement that the ship had "a technical problem" when it was on its way to the terminal for mooring "src-mini =" // cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/1

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Research is currently underway to understand the exact causes of the events. In the meantime, the ship "received permission to be moored at the Marittima terminal as planned".

From there it will continue to carry out operations for boarding and disembarking passengers.

The local Port Authority for Venice told CNN that dominating the accident on Sunday is a priority. finally create a solution for the traffic of large ships in Venice.

The country's Environment Minister, Sergio Costa, said on Twitter that the incident is a "confirmation of what we have long said Time: Cruise ships must not drive down the Giudecca (Canal).

"That's why we've been working with the ministers for months … to move them (the ships) and be close to a solution." 19659014]
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