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Cubs fans know how to handle a choke

Photo: Paul Beaty (AP)

That's why the Chicago Cubs should not have won the 2016 World Series: Your fans I can no longer appreciate the cubs of the last week.

Previously, they were able to gauge the idea of ​​being swept home in four consecutive games in one go – "Has not that happened since 1919? This is Cubs. "They used to be able to ward off Wrigley from the hated Cardinals with a brisk head." The last time was 1921? Beauty. Kris Bryant was injured on Sunday trying to thwart a double? Cubs. Six defeats in the 24th week of a 25-week season? Cubs. Going from a placeholder to four games and being overtaken by the mets who are financially just staying afloat because they get a royalty every time someone says the word "dysfunctional". Oh, very, Cubs.

And yet the 16th World Cup ruined everything. Because of the city-wide catharsis that lit up the sky in 2016, the Cubs fans can say, "Well, we have at least these. Now all my dead relatives can die happily. "It also prevents them from absorbing the 2019 flamenout with the right reverence that Cub fans once provided on command, especially for people who did not want to hear about it.

] I admit that this seems very much like the post-mortem version of the idiotic old postulate . When the boys win, the fan base loses its character . That was stupid at the time and it's stupid now.

But it provokes the third law of the garage: they only have so much space. For everything you get in life, you have to take something to the dump, to the consignment warehouse or to the front yard with the sign "Free". In return for a parade in 2016 that anyone who is not a fan of White Sox would love and cherish for eternity, the Cubs fans have lost the ability to fully appreciate and handle the 2019 tracheostomy.

I do not really know that this is undeniably true because I know very few Cubs fans and those I know I know I have the kindness and decency to maintain a respectful distance of 1,600 miles. But I know that fans who carry their historic failures like a miner's hat are almost the same everywhere – they use this failure as a bearing wall in the temple of their sports fantasies. The Cubs blew it up and their odometer was reset. Joe Maddon's sure shooting will go along with the standard reservation, "But he's won us a World Cup," and dissatisfaction with Theo Epstein's inability to make his analytics dance is offset by the baby-sized ring on his finger.

Cubs are now just another team that has surrendered like a thousand others, and their fans have no more conversation starters at the bar: "My great-grandfather saw the Cubs win in 1908, and I'm afraid my kid will never know At this moment. "What they heard earlier was feigned sympathy. Now they will learn, "I am a Padre fan, go and fall down a flight of stairs."

But objectively, this was a terrible collapse, living on "a century of relentless non-winning" and doing two things in the same way Day, which has not happened since the Coolidge administration, and was hurt by a guy – well, that's historically Cubs, it's just that nobody will really appreciate it, even if they have their last six games with one Losing the pass – three in Pittsburgh against a team battling with each other every two months, whether it needs it or not, and then crying three in St. Louis in front of a fanbase that can excite Cubs fans – it will not be like that important as it should, even if they play 22 innings with two rain delays and Angel Hernandez this Sunday to land behind the Phillies and Diamondbacks as well as the Mets, this will not be part of the Cub heritage

Unless We Are It At the beginning of a new 108-year championship gap and global warming, Wrigley Field is burned long before into a pile of beer-soaked soot. Do we keep a good thought, like children? This could be the beginning of something really … Well, boy.

Ray Ratto has the Jalen Ramsey Flu.

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