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Cubs should continue to buy beyond Jesse Chavez

With Brandon Morrow back on the disabled list, it's important for the Chicago Cubs to buy in addition to the Jesse Chavez move.

The Chicago Cubs were forced to acquire a helper in Jesse Chavez as soon as they found out that Brandon Morrow needed another stint on the list of 10-day disabled people with bicepsitis. Unfortunately, that's nothing new for the Cubs.

Morrow spent last month on the DL because of the back cramps he had while undressing. Sure, that's not an everyday kind of injury, but it proves that Morrow is hurtful.

He has never found a helper in more than 60 games, his next next was 45 games he did last year with the Dodgers. The sad part is that he was extremely effective when the Cubs were closer when he was healthy.

So far, in 201

8 he has 22 parades and a low-career 1.47 ERA. The addition of Jesse Chavez should help the Cubbies expand, but it will not be nearly enough to replace Morrow.

In 30 games with Texas, Chavez has a 3.50 ERA, which is his best since 2014, when he was with Oakland. Chavez only has three parries in his career so he will not really fill the hole that Morrow leaves, instead he adds depth.

The Cubs should stay active and follow someone who can act as a closer or even a setup man as soon as Morrow returns from his biceps inflammation. Luckily for the Cubs there are some rentals with graduation experience.

Jeurys Familia is in New York in the last year of his contract. With the Mets way out, the Cubs could offer the Mets an average outlook in late July through October in exchange for Familia's services.

This year, Familia has a 2.88 ERA with 17 saves. Familia is only two years away from a 51-season and a 47-season three years ago. He'll certainly make you sweat on the hill, but he's been an effective partner for four years now and probably would not cost much.

Then in the American League the Orioles starts a fire sale. Zach Britton, who is also in the last year of his contract, will probably be available. The 30-year-old rescues in limited work this year, but is a former two-time All-Star, with three straight 30-plus save seasons from 2014-2016.

A move for Familia or Britton ensures that the Cubs Bullpen is set for October. With the second half Chicago begins three games in the NL Central. If they want that divisional crown and have a chance to win the pennant, they need to reinforce that bullpen, and they should have the pieces to do it.

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