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CVS apologizes after transgender wife says she was denied a hormone prescription

CVS Health apologizes to a transgender woman who says she has been denied a hormone prescription by a chemist in the drugstore chain. The company apologized on social media on Friday and found that the pharmacist is no longer employed by CVS.

Hilde Hall, who lives in Fountain Hills, Arizona, was pleased to receive her first hormone treatment after leaving her doctor's office. In April, she wrote in a blog post published on the ACLU's website on Thursday, "I'm finally going See that my body reflects my gender identity and the woman I've always known, "Hall wrote. She said when she handed her three prescriptions to the pharmacist, she refused to fill one of the drugs without giving a clear reason for the refusal. The pharmacist "loudly and loudly asked other CVS employees and customers why I got the prescriptions," Hall wrote.

Hall said she was ashamed and desperate, adding that the pharmacist would not hand over the recipe back to her so she could take it to another pharmacy.

"If there is one case where a particular pharmacist believes he can not fill out a prescription, he must take immediate action to ensure that someone else is taking care of it," said Steve Kilar, ACLU communications director for Arizona , to CBS Arizona partner KPHO.

Arizona is one of six states that allow pharmacies and pharmacists to refuse to fill some medications for religious or moral reasons. Arizona has a law to protect medical professionals who, because of their personal beliefs, do not participate in abortion procedures or procedures, according to KPHO.

Last month in Arizona, a Walgreens pharmacist denied a woman's prescription to end her pregnancy after a doctor told her the fetus was no longer viable, KPHO reported. The pharmacist said it was against his personal beliefs.

"There is no similar law in Arizona that allows pharmacists to refuse service in conjunction with other medications," Kilar told the station.

On Friday, CVS Health shared a statement in social media about the incident, saying the pharmacist's behavior "violates corporate policy and does not reflect our values ​​or commitment to inclusion, non-discrimination and the provision of excellent patient care."

CVS Health also said it was "very proud "has honored the Corporate Equality Index of the Human Rights Campaign for the past four years in a row. The index classifies companies according to their LGBTQ equality policy.

"We also apologize for failing to properly investigate Miss Hall's original CVS complaint, which was due to unintentional control," the company said in its statement. "We are proud to handle customer concerns in a timely manner, and we take steps to prevent this isolated event from recurring."

Hall completed her prescription at a local Walgreens, "where the drugs were filled without question," she wrote. As their story was posted on the ACLU website, Hall spoke to a CVS representative about the incident.

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