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Tatra vehicles will be sold in n

Tatra Trucks a.s. signed a contract for the licensing of trucks in n.

The representatives of Tatra Trucks a.s. in the last days signed a contract for the licensed production of material vehicles with the Tatra signed in the partner company Che-pej chang-eng Automotive Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Hebei Changzheng Automotive Manufacturing Co., Ltd.).
The first CKD kits are currently being prepared by the automaker, which will be the first vehicle to build complete vehicles in the fall. Later he will drive on the Tatra chassis for the production of his own trucks.

Signing the contract is not only an important milestone for Tatra Trucks, bringing its predecessor to the n, but also for the site. The fact that the signing of the contract was announced on the main television channels and that the act itself was signed was signed by the representative of the two companies, as well as Chief Director of the Thirty-seventh of Hebei Province and Xingtai City, where chang-eng sdl.
The contract for the licensing of Tatra trucks is based on the previous cooperation with the nation, which lasted until the end of the last decade.

Che-pej chang-eng is a major vehicle manufacturer in the region and has a long tradition. Likewise, he came into the pot, but the city of Sing-tai and Hebei Province, with the help of the house of Tung-Feng (Dongfeng), managed to buy a big house and set up a new company, said Wang Chuej-jung Msta Sing-Tchae. First, Tatra Trucks has signed a license agreement with the company.
It is very important to us that we have a partner with skills ready to invest not only in capacity, but also in financial resources. It will be of interest to the entire project and develop a good reputation for the Tatras and the company. This is a very interesting thing for us, not only from a commercial point of view, but also from the point of view of the expansion of the character and the long-term effects on the future market. Radek Strouhal, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Managing Director of Tatra Trucks.

Tatra cars have a good name and the reputation of high quality and durable vehicles for the toughest conditions, so they have signed a license sale contract. In the previous period the commercial vehicles ad T 81

5 and T 815-2 were assembled. According to the new agreement, the Che-pej chang-eng will assemble vehicles with the combined King Frame rear suspension system based on the TERRN01 business. Later, the vehicles will be equipped with Euro 6 emission engines.
The entire system of vehicle construction. Their chassis, the so-called "Tatrov" concept of the vehicle, passes the locator with the help of the progress and the units being recorded. The selected trucks will be delivered to TATRA TRUCKS. For the start of production, we insert the vehicle in so-called CKD sets. In the afternoon, her partner will be working with Tung Feng cabins, engines and city gearboxes said Radomr Smolka, Deputy Chairman and Technical Director of Tatra Trucks.

Oekv is gradually evolving with the fact that the production would cost hundreds of vehicles. Tatra truck. Not only the license fees, but also the production of the wheel gear components guarantee the quality and the warranty of the vehicle characteristics. The quality of the production as well as the production processes is overcome in the copier-specialized company Che-pej chang-eng.

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