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D.C. Area Forecast: Intense heat this weekend and into the early week

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Today: Mostly sunny. Highlights: 92-97
Tonight: Mostly clear. Spotty fog? Low: Mid-60s to mid-70s
Tomorrow: Mostly sunny. Highlights: Mid-'90s to near-100s.

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Independence day is often a chill, and this year it seems to be different , We are looking at the hottest and most enduring heat of the summer. Temperatures can end in some places for three to four days near 100. Let these ACs hum.

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Today (Saturday): It's one of those days when you first go out in the morning and quickly realize it's going to be a shiver. Get ready for a few days! The skies are mostly sunny, although they are not exactly clear as a mist forms. Also building: high heat and humidity. Temperatures are in the 90s during the afternoon and may make the upper 90s into the city center. Heat indices are nearby and over 100 at the top. It's hard to completely rule out an isolated storm, but I think they'll be west to west in every way. Winds are 5 miles per hour from the south. Confidence: High

Tonight: The sky is mostly clear throughout the night. The exception may be in some places where some spotty fogs develop as temperatures near the dew point late at night. There is a pretty wide range of temperatures as we are humid but not so oppressive. Mid-60s in the cool spots until the mid-70s. Confidence: High

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Morning (Sunday): There is not much difference compared to this morning. The skies are mostly sunny again, though they are getting dimmer in a thicker haze. In addition to a touch of more haze, there is a touch more heat and moisture. Exactly what we needed! Highs account for about 100 points in the mid-90s. We can approach heat recommendation criteria with heat indices of perhaps about 105. Yes. Winds are from the south at 5 to 10 miles per hour. Again, an isolated storm can pop up, just because of the extreme heat and humidity. Probably mainly over the height to the west. Confidence: High

Tomorrow Night: The soup becomes more soupy. At night, the warmer temperatures are the main rash. Pretty much everyone should stay in the 70s and we could tickle those 80-degree lows in the city. A touch or two mists is possible until the morning. Confidence: Medium-High


This is an unfortunate stretch of very high heat and moisture. In the early week period, the sun remains dominant, with both Monday and Tuesday mostly mostly sunny. If that's not enough to excite you, the humidity may slowly increase over time. The highs are mostly in the mid-90s to close to 100. Every storm risk is minimal, although the likelihood of rising every day increases until Tuesday and after. Confidence: Medium High

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