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Dabo Swinney of Clemson Tigers transfers dynasty label to Alabama Crimson Tide

SAN JOSE, California. – Hours after he won his second national title and defeated Alabama coach Nick Saban in 12 seasons of heavy defeat, Clemson manager Dabo Swinney said his program is still "far from a dynasty". [19659002] "We are as good as a program," Swinney said at his Tuesday morning press conference, "but we are a long way from a dynasty, and I think from a dynasty point of view, Alabama is a species." in a separate category.

Clemson won his place in the history of the sport and became the first Division I / FBS team to finish 15th since Penn in 1597 – with a convincing 44:16 victory over the No. 1 Alabama in the College Football Playoff National Championship Presented by AT & T on Monday night.

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Alabama did not come to the loss, an uncharacteristic performance for what many consider the most dominant team in the sport in this he season was.

Clemson improved the tide with spectacular stance from the real Newman quarterback Trevor Lawrence and a stifling defense that scored once in two rounds and Alabama's typical Potter kept offscoreless in the second half.

The Tigers ended the night as the first undefeated champion in the five years of the playoff.

While Swinney quickly paid tribute to Saban, the balance of power between their programs was at least in the CFP series – on Monday night when Clemson improved to 2-1 in the CFP's national championship games against Alabama.

Saban is now in the nation's 6-2 All-Title games with both losses for Clemson.

"We are a great program, there is no doubt about that," said Swinney, the only active coach to Saban who has won several national titles. "We are incredibly consistent in all areas of our program, and I'm more proud of that for consistency than anything else, and one of the things we've talked about this week, over the past decade, is what we've done we did it several times and it was a kind of progress.

"I told them they once lit the Empire State Building and now they did it again," he said, "so the only thing we did not do was again Everything was won. It was only progress for us. I mean, coach Saban has won five national championships in ten years or how long he has been there. It's an incredible run, but they're just thankful we had the opportunity to experience it. But to win two out of the last three, I think, will certainly bring us to a place that is very special from the point of view of the program. "

Clemson's senior class finished 55-4, combined with the current Alabama senior class, the most victories in a class in the history of FBS.

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