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Dabo Swinney responds to a breakdown of AP Poll and summarizes the game in Louisville

Dabo Swinney posed questions from reporters on Sunday night during his weekly conference call in the season.

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1; It's too early to submit an injury report to anyone.

– Swinney was asked if Andrew Booth would be banned for throwing the punch, and he offered to quit the NCAA rules for the first half against BC this week.

Swinney had Booth drive the bus home with the managers on Saturday night instead of flying back with the team.

"He had a long bus ride home last night and a lot of time to think about it," Swinney said.

He also apologized to the team and sports director Dan Radakovich.

Said, "the rest of it" is treated internally.

Swinney said Booth was embarrassed and responded very well.

– Asked if he was surprised that Clemson dropped from 3rd place to 4th place in the AP poll:

"I'm not surprised at all. We win with an average of 28 points and last We won 28.7 points a year, the 0.7 is hard to grasp, it's probably the biggest 0.7 there is, we're following that, but we'll keep working, I'm not worried about any of that Anyone can have an opinion he wants, we want to cut our tails to get better, that's what matters to us. "

Attacking line, Travis Etienne, and defense have settled Clemson very early ,

– After a solid second half, Clemson finished third with 45 percent, which is Clemson's goal.

He said he is not worried about Clemson's third defeat. It's little things.

"Hopefully we'll have a game soon, where we're 7 out of 11."

– Be aware that Etienne had 18 hits (14 transfers, 4 receptions) and did not play in the fourth quarter.

"Probably the biggest problem for Travis in consecutive weeks is the shipyards after contact."

118 of Etienne's 227 yards came in contact on Saturday.

– No drops from the pass-fobs.

– Offensive line resulted in 17 knockdowns.

– Said Clemson wide receivers did not do a good screen game on Saturday.

The screen transfer to Etienne was supposed to have been a "monster game", but a broad receiver was whistling at the block. Justyn Ross was early on the screen of the tunnel with a bad technique and too low an angle. And secondly, the narrow end has badly blocked.

Said Clemson has to clean up, as the error rate will decrease in the future.

– For the first time since a series of eight games in 1956, Clemson has held seven opponents in a row under 300 meters.

"That shocked me because we defended pretty stubbornly here."

– Said Nyles Pinckney probably played his best game of the season.

– It's been most of the duels Clemson has missed for a long time. Clemson missed 20 tackles.

"We are fast and athletic and master a part of it, but we have come to improve."

Alignment and foundation were bad.

The bad tackle happened on all three levels. Clemson had six sacks but should have 10. Chad Smith, K.J. Henry, Justin Mascoll and Kane Patterson were among the players who lacked simple superstructures.

"People will be disappointed when they see the band, especially when they see their notes." 19659002 They left the quarterback out too often.

– Justin Foster said was really productive, but he did not grade well. He contradicted the little things. I thought Mascoll and Logan Rudolph were solid.

Henry was active, but rated no winner.

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