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Daddy is mad at my daughter's birthday party

DEAR CAROLYN: My dad is angry that I have my daughter's birthday party with my mother, although we are currently living with her to save money for a down payment of . My parents divorced when I was about 10 years old, and things between my parents were bitter for years.

Nowadays, they are usually in order and even exchange small talk about the grandchildren at family events.

After divorce, my dad spooked us For years, my sisters and I have not been as close to him as our mother or even our stepfather, but now that we're back in touch, we're all trying to lose time compensate.

My daughter turns 3, so we just want an unobtrusive, inexpensive party. Mom's home has a large open plan kitchen / dining area that seems to be perfect. We only invite family members, and my nieces and nephews are all pretty young, so this seems to be the best for them as well.

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