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Daddy Johns takes a knee and asks for forgiveness. A good strategy or a little bit desperate?

Absurd Driven looks with skeptical gaze and firmly rooted views of the business world.

Once you were everybody's friend.

You're wondering if it's something you said.

In the case of Papa John's Pizza, that's it.

He had already stepped down as CEO after claiming this NFL player protests had a negative impact on pizza sales. This was a disharmonic race whistle for many.

Now he's suddenly trying to make a comeback, and, oh, things are ugly.

Schnatter has his own website, on which he suggests that only he can save his former company and seems to suspect that he is going nowhere.

Unfortunately, he manages to give a few words to co-workers who have really lost their meaning, given the circumstances in which they are most commonly heard:

Please know that in every minute of every day you are in mine Thoughts and prayers are.

But of course. Thoughts and Prayers is perhaps the hypocritical empty phrase of our millennium.

Is it only about who is holy?

It's poignant, some like snorting, like a man who thinks of NFL Players who protest against social injustice are now quite protesting themselves and do not think that will affect sales.

What on earth is Dad John doing?

The management has a business that is not blessed with a halo of joy.

On Friday, the Pizza Chain unveiled a new ad on Twitter that had a very simple strategy: Take a knee and ask customers for forgiveness.

The ad is as open as you can imagine.

"We heard you," it begins.

Tweets sent by disgruntled customers are then displayed.

Example: "I'd rather have frozen pizza than racist pizza."

Another topping: "Do you remember that when we made progress on civil rights issues?"

After a few, the company says: You expected better from Papa Johns. We also.

A barely veiled blow on Schnatter, of course.

As more of these furious tweets roll through, the chain thanks their customers for their anger / criticism / honesty.

He promises diversity training and several other steps

It is equivalent to Starbucks' reaction to his own terrible incident in Philadelphia when the manager called two black men who were just waiting for a meeting with a third man.

Ritchie I had no fence to sit on, although this strategy only suggests that the founder was only part of the problem.

Ritchie had to do something direct, and many would say that he did reasonably well

the consumption anger "makes us better"

Is there more to the inner life of the pizza chain that has not been created yet?

It evokes the more exciting days of Uber and Travis Kalan ick

Schnatter now has his own PR operat ion hard at work. In fact, its spokesman told CNBC:

The video produced by the company is another example of the company trying to hide the true facts. It leaves the avalanche of comments made by customers, employees and others who support John Schnatter and feel that the company is wrong.

Business leaders today must look beyond their pure business roles.

You are now in the midst of social issues, especially those that your customers and employees are excited about.

In the case of Papa John, current management seems to be hoping that it will gain relative moral superiority and secure the image of the brand; some will find that too little, much too late.

Basically, you know what the company really wants.

It should not be a highly moral bastion and an obvious advocate of equality.

It wants to remove Schnatter from his brand and let him be quiet.

Who would be surprised if, behind all these messages to the customers, a negotiation attempt between the company and Schnatter actually begins to put an end to it?

Whatever Papa Johns tries to publicize, it is for the emotional consumption of his clients and the media. It is disinfectant.

The company must keep the business from gnawing on.

With the castration of its founder, however, he can only regain some stability.

You'd think he'd realize he's helping to destroy the brand and its own share in it. This is perhaps the best negotiating tactic that Papa John has.

Schnatter can never return. That would kill the brand within minutes. But maybe he's thinking of starting another pizza chain.

Schnattered Dreams Pizza has a nice sound.

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