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Daily Self-Weighing May Help Cut Holiday Weight Gain

New York : If you want to avoid extra kilos during holidays, engage in daily self-may help, according to a new research. Previous research has shown the holiday season can lead to gain and that persists after the holidays and could contribute to annual gain.

According to the study, people who weighed themselves on a daily basis and received graphical feedback of their weight changes either maintained or lost weight during the holiday season. Said study author Jamie Cooper, Associate Professor at the University of Georgia in the US "

The study involved 100 adults in the 18-65 age group. Participants in the intervention group were instructed to try baseline weight throughout the holiday season. But no. This allowed each participant to self-select how they would modify their behavior. For instance, for individual could become more active or decide to eat less. Participants in the control group were given no instructions. (IANS)


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