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Dak Prescott: I’m a cowboy and couldn’t be happier

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The deadline for franchise players to sign multi-year contracts came and went on Wednesday without changing the status of cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott.

He will be the third quarterback to play one season under the conditions of one day – Drew Brees and Kirk Cousins ​​are the other – and will be hired for another day, a long-term deal, or an unrestricted free agency after the 2020 season begins an end. Prescott has signed his bid and will earn $ 31.4 million this season.

There has been talk of an extension since the end of Prescott’s third season. However, reports of this year’s push failed partially because the cowboys wanted a five-year contract while Prescott was looking for four years. Failure to make a deal did not result in a violent reaction from Prescott on Wednesday night.

“I’m a cowboy and couldn’t be happier,” said Prescott of USAToday.com’s Jori Epstein. “I look forward to working with Coach [Mike] McCarthy, the staff and my teammates are the best team we can achieve our Super Bowl goal with. “

Another day in 2021 would include $ 37.68 million in salary, and thriving in McCarthy’s offenses would likely drive the price of long-term business higher than this off-season. So Prescott has many reasons to feel good about the future, even if this time he didn’t get the offer he wanted.

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