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Dallas County health officials worried about spikes in sexually transmitted diseases – Story

Health authorities in Dallas County are worried about an increase in sexually transmitted diseases, especially among younger people and in some minority communities.

One factor that probably plays a role – social media. Health officials say STDs have steadily declined nationwide until a few years ago

Dr. Deborah Morris-Harris sees patients at Prism Health North Texas near Dallas Fair Park. It is located in a zip code, 75210, which has a very high prevalence for HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.

"I think due to poverty and lack of means of transport, if we can break down those barriers, we can actually get more virus suppression," Morris-Harris said.

There is an urgent need, as the HIV cases together with other sexually transmitted diseases are less open.

Gianesh Shivaramaiyer, interim director of Dallas County Health and Human Services, runs a clinic for STD test diagnosis and patient interviews to help inform partners.

"Our focus is on the three most important – chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis," says Shivaramaiyer.

per cent. In some African American and Latin American populations, this number can be almost three times higher.

Most of these new cases are among 15- to 24-year-olds who can move towards social media apps that can facilitate connections.

"You I do not want to have a setback in life, starting with an illness at this age, and that happens and that is very important" (19659004). Shivaramaiyer says education is the key. The county is using a mobile unit to conduct tests throughout the community and work with schools and organizations to initiate a difficult but necessary dialogue.

"The conversation is hard to come by and I think we often say, oh, it does not happen In my household, we try to push it aside," Shivaramaiyer said. "This information is important."

Health officials said the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases plays an important role in their plan. It will rename the STD Clinic as a sexual health clinic, making services more accessible to teens.

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